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Hey all 👋

I thought I’d take this time to do a quick write up about FinallyComments and share some of my thoughts on the projects. is a project by @noisy that documents the many new projects and platforms that are being created on the STEEM blockchain. If you’ve not already been to the site, take a quick look and I’m sure you’ll find some projects you did not know about. Finally Comments Page Here

🗺 RoadMap

Here’s my current expected plan for FinallyComments features

  • Guest Commenting Functionality - I believe this is important to add because we cannot (without some costly/technical heavy features) control the ability for instant new Steem signups.
  • Beneficiaries - People keep telling me to add a small %. When finally picks up and this amounts to any usable SP there can be a finally upvote bot.
  • User Profiles - A slide-in user profile that shows latest comments and more information about the user. Currently there is an optional overlay but it’s UI/functionality is lacking.
  • Themes - Customisation is limited because finally is an iframe embed. To ensure finally can be best used on site with many designs themes will add customisation and help finally seamlessly blend with the parent site. Especially needed is a dark theme.
  • How To Guides e.g
    • How To Install FinallyComments on a Ghost Blog
    • How To Install FinallyComments on a Jekyll Website
    • How To Install FinallyComments on a Wordpress Blog
    • etc etc
  • Wordpress Plugin - This will be a pretty key upgrade/offering, the idea is to have an install once and ‘just work’ plugin to replace or complement the Wordpress comments system.

The aim is to have all of these completed by the end of May. It might be a tad ambitious depending on what else I want to work on but its a target. 🎯

🏗 Expansion

How to get more people using Finally?

Personally I think once the features above are complete finally will be at a place where it is worth shouting about and people will find out about it naturally. Promotion via Trending is a possibility but I mostly dislike bidbots (perhaps I can reach out to a whale personally).

If you have any ideas how to spread FinallyComments let me know

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share any thoughts, ideas and requests in the comments


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