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Whatever you give to another, it will come back to you later. be it honor or hate!


6 months agoeSteem2 min read


Today I'm going to share a story for humanity.

So let's go:

There was a farmer in a village .. He made yogurt and butter from milk and sold it. One day the farmer's wife made butter and gave it to the farmer to sell. The farmer left the village to sell it. The butter was kept in a round roll shape. Each of which weighed 1 kg. Upon arriving in the city, the farmers used to bring tea, sugar, oil, and essential commodities instead of butter with predetermined stores.

Today when the farmer left, the shopkeeper kept rolling the rolls of butter in a refrigerator when he thought that the weight of the butter was right. Weighing the rolls of butter, he saw that the weight of the butter is not actually 1 kg, that was 900 gram.

Te next week, the farmers went to the shop to sell the butter. On reaching the front of the shop, the shopkeeper started shouting to the farmer "Get out of my shop. Do business with a dishonest cheater, go to here now."

You'll never set foot in my shop again. I don't want to see the face of a guy who sells 900 grams of butter for 1 kg. The farmer politely told the shopkeeper in a trembling voice: "Grandpa! Please don't be angry. In fact I'm a very poor person. I do not have the money to buy the wide machine. So I used to take one kilogram of sugar from you give me every time."

Topics to Teach:

Whatever you give to another, it will come back to you later ... be it honor or hate ...


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