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Global warming will increase the frequency of frequency (Frequency) at a remarkable rate.

The study published in Science magazine said that the research work on the data-related data from the US Lighting Detector Network has been completed in lightning detector.

The researchers said that each extra degree of temperature was determined to increase the frequency of lightning.

University of Barclay Campus University Prof Davit Roops said that in 2000, there will be three thunderstorms in 2100 for every two thunderstorms.

Depending on the thermal power of the cloud storm (lightning), researchers have unveiled a new method to solve the relationship between heat and thunder storm.

If the planet is warm, there will be many more fuel around it. This process will change the atmosphere of chemistry. So when the lightning occurs, the fuel will become more powerful. Looking forward to spreading more destructive fire.

Davypt Roopps and his colleagues determined that the increased global temperature in each second leads to a 12 percent increase in the frequency of lightning.

The researcher's team, according to a one-year information-data from the US National Lecting Detector Network, are biased to the truth of their data.

RoPs said, "The data-determining data is perfect. The timing and location of each thunderstruck is perfectly captured. BCCIMG_20180507_111323.jpg


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