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How to drink water bottle


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increases the demand for water bottles when the heating goes. Different types of bottles are seen in stores stores. You can not always buy bottled water when you get it. So, when going out of the house, you can fill up a bottle of boiling water. But how will you drink water? Will it be healthy? Is there any type of bottle in the market? Let's know the answers to such questions.

Most stores in the market will get plastic, glass, aluminum and metallic water bottles. There are plastic and aluminum bottles to carry all the time. On the other hand, glass and metal water utensils can be used to keep water at home. There are various colors and sizes. There are cartons for bottles with pictures of children. Different types of design draw water bottles are also good. The plastic bottles are cut in design. And the design of the metal or aluminum bottle design is more visible. Four bottle bottles, round bottles of perfume bottles, and bottles of perfume bottles, which are seen in the shop.

Straw is attached to some bottles. Long water cooling facilities also have many bottles. Shopkeepers sell retailers with lots of water bottles together in the open and in the open space around New Market. Apart from this, you can buy water bottles at low prices such as Gaushia, Mouchak, Gulshan DC Market etc. in such open condition. The price of plastic bottles will be around 150 to 200 taka. Glass bottles will cost 200 to 400 taka. You can buy a metal bottle of 250 to 600 taka. Here you will find a variety of brand bottles. They have to determine the price. Starting from 150 to 700 rupees you can buy your favorite bottle. For children, you get a water pot of Tk 100 in New Market.IMG_20180509_094213.jpg


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