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Quick-Fire Match # 6 - 17th April 2019 - Super 8 Ball Club - Powered by STEEM Blockchain


3 months agoSteemit

It's @princewahaj from @super8ballclub. As promised, here's the sixth match video of the quick-fire mode in 720p HD quality for 17th April 2019.

Quick-Fire Match # 6 (HD):


The best performances of today. In this match, I scored the total of 2950 and jumped from 3rd rank to 2nd.

Shot-to-Shot Details:

Ball 2, Missed, Ball 14, Missed, Ball 8, Ball 13, Ball 4, Missed, Ball 7, Ball 11, Ball 9, Missed, Ball 10, Ball 5, Ball 6, Ball 1, Missed, Ball 15, Ball 3, Ball 12, Ball 4, Ball 9, Multiplier Increased, Ball 1, Ball 13, Ball 15, Ball 2, Ball 14, Multiplier Increased, Ball 12.

Enjoy the game-play video in HD quality on YouTube.

Important Note:

We create 10 game-play videos everyday, post them from this blog and upvote them from @super8ballclub. The liquid rewards generated from these posts fund the reward pool of @super8ballclub from which 20% go to the team for maintenance and cost. The Author SP rewards go to the delegators and we do not take anything from it.

For more information, please read our announcement.


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