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Playing With The Camera: Hatch!


11 months agoBusy2 min read

Hello there and have a great new week ahead, everyone!
I have a fresh new photostory for you with some... hundreds of my favorite models!


A mommy weaves and sacs she builds

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (7).JPG

Her precious babies in she keeps

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (8).JPG

Through days and nights, a sleepless watch

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (5).JPG

That guards the ones who need her so

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (2).JPG

Some patience just for two-three weeks

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (3).JPG

Before her babies she can reach

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (4).JPG

And when they hatch, they'll swarm her arms

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (6).JPG

Before they start raiding our yards.

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (2).JPG

Look! There's another sac out there!

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (5).JPG

It's open too, babies to share

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (6).JPG

So fragile, tiny and ooh, so cute

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (4).JPG

I find them sweet, how about you?

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (3).JPG

Yes, yes, we have new babies in the garden! And I hope they stay there, I wouldn't like to see them in the house... The first photos were taken just a few days ago. Today I took a walk in the garden again and saw that one of them had already hatched! The excitement I felt was indescribable, so I ran to grab my camera and... voilà!

I'm going to write a steemstem post tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow, depends on the time I'll have available).

Now excuse me, I have a distilled to write!

All images (not free for re-use) and story by @ruth-girl - Steemit, 2018

Thank you so much for your time!

Until my next post,
Steem on and keep smiling, people!


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