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The Dark Overlord censored from Twitter, Reddit, Pastebin and Steemit but they are still on the STEEM Blockchain!


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Notorious hacking group The Dark Overlord that threatened to leak files which they claimed are sensitive documents relating to the 2001 September 11 attacks, has officially been scraped of the internet. I won't go into the morals of their actions, nor do I want to talk about those of @ned and others who decided to ban them. I just want to brief you on what went down, show you the consequences of the shots that were fired and inform you about where you can still view their content.


Shortly after making the announcement in which they demanded ransom to not release these documents, their accounts have been quickly removed from every website they posted on. Files removed, accounts banned, posts deleted.

Censorship at its finest.

Reddit, Pastebin and Twitter banished their accounts, which led them to turn to blockchain for censorship resistance and freedom of speech. The blockchain they chose for this purpose was Steem and the interface of their preference was the first and most popular one, Steemit. com

They continued posting as if nothing has ever happened, even confidently stating "checkmate" in their first post on Steemit. It seemed to as if that was the case. They went on to say:

United States law enforcement agencies have attempted to silence us from our releases by requesting Twitter to suspend our account. We took to Reddit, and again they suspended us. Now, we're taking to the blockchain, so that we can't be silenced again. We're on Steemit now. Checkmate.

Justifiably bullish, in one of their posts they stated:

This is a message for the nation-state of the United States of America and the greater deep-state.

We're going to continue to bend you over a barrel and fuck you if our demands are not met. You know the score. Your censorship and fakenews coverups won't silence this organisation or its public support. You were warned. To all the other parties involved (airlines, litigation firms, investigation firms, FBI, TSA, FAA, banks, security companies and more), we're going to burn you down unless you begin to 'play ball'. This entire situation will soon become far more tragick to your survival. Make the right choise.

Releasing the first batch of the alleged 9/11 documents

They proved legitimacy of their claims but lacked significance. Nevertheless, at least we knew they were legit. There is still a lot more to look forward to amongst the 18,000 documents, amounting to gigabytes of data, which we are eager to see released and forever stored on an immutable blockchain, Steem.

They posted a total of 13 articles on the Steem blockchain using before getting banned from Steemit. This included articles not only about the 9/11 documents but also those of various other hacked information which they literally placed on sale for "internet money" Bitcoin specifically, as their victims have violated their agreement by cooperating with law enforcement.

The ban itself was highly controversial

Some users thought that Steemit is supposed to be censorship resistant, which is just not true., or rather the company Steemit inc. is a centralised organisation thus, susceptible to censorship but, the Steem blockchain is decentralized and censorship resistant. Meaning, that anything posted on Steem will forever be stored on the blockchain even if it is banned from Steemit, or some other interface. was obviously pressured by US government agencies to remove @thedarkoverlord and their content from so @ned had to pull the trigger to prevent possible legal issues.

I for once, don't blame him.

I mean, can you imagine what they would do to this guy in jail?

@ned is very aware of this fact and he just wasn't ready to take that risk so, under the immense pressure and thoughts about what future holds if he supports TDO by not banning them from Steemit, he did what he had to do.

This ban from Steemit doesn't mean TDO is banned from the entire Steem blockchain

It just means that they can't use, anymore. No one can be banned from the entire Steem blockchain. It is just not possible. Users can only be banned from accessing certain interfaces, not the entire blockchain. TDO's account wasn't deleted from the blockchain, nor was the information they posted from their account removed from the Steem blockchain. THEY WERE JUST BANNED FROM ONE OF THE INTERFACES! A couple more followed, of course. They were probably under US jurisdiction so they had to oblige and follow orders to avoid legal actions against them.

As @transisto pointed out days before the actual ban

They can still post on the Steem blockchain using another interface. The content they post will forever be stored and available on an immutable and censorship resistant, Steem blockchain. We may have a hard time going through the interfaces, trying to find one that hasn't banned them but, their content will forever be on the Steem blockchain, no matter what.

I currently read their posts here: but if they were to ever be taken down from busy, there would still be many other interfaces that could be used to access their content. No matter how hard they try, the powers that shouldn't be will never be able to fully censor or remove TDO's posts from the Steem blockchain.

@ned censoring TDO

And bending over to the deep state caused a huge shitstorm online with many people outraged with the fact that an interface of a censorship resistant blockchain banned one of its users. Justifiably so, but they missed the point, missinterpreted this fact by not pointing out the clear difference between the Steem blockchain and its interfaces and how even though they were banned from Steemit, their content wasn't removed from the blockchain and they can still post on the Steem blockchain usign another interface.

Steemit has now shown that it is not 100% censorship resistant, BUT STEEM IS!

As we witnessed, under pressure by US government agencies, in such an extreme situation, @ned facing jail time and some serious consequences when he get's inside, he will do everything he can to prevent it. Even ban a user from Steemit, just to save his pretty ass from going to jail.

I don't blame him. He wouldn't last a day inside.

This brings me to my point and the reason I'm writing this post.

Although, in very extreme situations such as when a group of hackers is, threatening the US government, FBI, CIA and other government agencies, to release classified and highly sensitive information on one of the most lied about and propagandized terrorist attacks in history, sadly they CAN and WILL get banned from Steem interfaces who's owners fall under US jurisdiction, but they will never be removed from the entire blockchain.

That's because Steemit

And other interfaces are private companies with a central point of failure. They have a CEO which can be pressured into submission and forced to ban a particular user who "poses a threat to US national security" to save their ass from going to jail.

Steem blockchain doesn't have that central point of failure

It is secured and ran by thousands of witnesses across the globe. It can not be censored, or tampered with in any way, shape or form. Information posted on the Steem blockchain will forever be there in its original form, unless the author edits it. It will be forever stored on an immutable and decentralized blockchain, secured and distributed by thousands of witnesses, worldwide.

Thankfully, many of them are way beyond US jurisdiction so, TDO can still post their content on Steem, without the fear of censorship and deep states titan grip.

Nevertheless, many brainless reporters and crypto enthusiasts

Failed to mention this key fact about our blockchain in their news reports and posts and they quickly disregarded Steem as being censorship resistant, when in fact it is. Just because some interface banned a user to avoid prosecution, doesn't mean that their content has been removed from the entire blockchain. That is simply not true. It can and will be forever stored on the Steem blockchain, but it won't be visible on all of its front-ends.

This resulted in a ton of negative press and a whole shitstorm surrounding this event

But it gave me and a couple others, a golden opportunity to draw a clear line between Steemit and Steem, which many still fail to realize because their names are so similar, I guess. Or maybe they are just intentionally ignorant to deliver sensationalistic news in an attempt to smear the name and reputation of the STEEM BLOCKCHAIN, like and tried to do.

Some of the articles that came out on this topic include

While I was first to get pissed off when I realized @ned pulled banned TDO

I'm glad that we got a chance to prove how Steem is in fact censorship resistant. Even in the worst case scenario, like the one we are seeing play out right now. These guys have stepped on the toes of the most powerful force there is, US deep state, also FBI, CIA, NSA and countless governments worldwide, but their content IS STILL AVAILABLE and will FORTEVER BE VISIBLE on the Steem blockchain.

Ironically enough, no matter what they try to do, it will always be the case as, they can't take down this entire blockchain. It would require them to clamp down on the thousands of witnesses running this blockchain, which is simply not possible as many of them are outside their jurisdiction.

The bottom line is that

Even though TDO was removed from a couple interfaces of the Steem blockchain, they can not and will never be removed from the entire blockchain!

Any attempt to do so is futile.

And even if they were somehow able to remove them from all of the interfaces that currently exist, TDO, or someone else could still make their own interface from which they will never be removed.

Links to TDO's last post on interfaces which still allow their content to be displayed there:

I'm sure there are others which I failed to mention. If you know of any, please feel free to mention them in the comment section down below.

Last but definitely not the least, I would like to give a huge shout-out to @rest100 for spending a lot of his own Steem in order to boost to the trending page TDO's last post which revealed layer 2 of the 9/11 hacked documents. You sir are a legend!

As for the nation-state of the United States of America and the greater, more powerful deep-state and their oppressive force, FUCK YOU!

You will never suppress freedom of speach on the STEEM blockchain.



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