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In the popularity of virtual currency, growth is very fast in its use in everyday life is still a challenge. this is the main reason why the high level of volatility of digital assets, which allows it to be used as a reliable tool to pay for goods and services. It should be noted that not every market actor is ready to accept cryptocurrency as payment, because the fluctuations in value per day can be from 7% to 15%, thus creating a very high risk for the income of entrepreneurs.
In addition, cryptocurrency assets are created to improve the lives of ordinary consumers, give privileges to business owners through the use of easy loyalty programs and simplify the payment process for goods and services that cannot realize their potential.
The LivenPay project, which will provide easy use of cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services using a loyalty program, will make a new step in developing market relations.

What is the livenPay project

The LivenPay Project is a special set of mobile applications designed to work in the food and service fields such as restaurants, cafes, fast food, and other catering places. The company writes on its website that each user can not only easily spend or pay but also produce.
Liven was founded in 2015 by friends from Grace Wong, William Wong, and David Ballerini to enable customers to pay for food and beverage purchases through the Liven app. As of May 2018, the company has more than 200,000 users shopping in more than 1000 of Australia's best restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Project objectives

The main goal of LivenPay developers is to create a unique network to pay for goods and services with their own gift system, which allows ordinary consumers to use digital assets every day as their primary payment tool.

Principle of operation

The Livenpay platform ecosystem will consist of the following elements:

  • Liven - payment gateway with remuneration protocols and pinned smart contract tokens;
  • seller;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • e-commerce stores;
  • charitable foundations;
  • external exchange of tokens.

The solution to all the problems above is its own project network called LivenNetwork. In this network, users will be able to pay for goods and services using the LVN platform internal tokens, which, if necessary, will automatically be converted into banknotes in accordance with the exchange rates used in the international market. For the currency received will be determined by the institution that provides goods and services. to note that the value of LVN coins will increase when new partners join the network, ready to provide their services on the platform, which will cause platform participants to use platform tokens for payment.

When paying for goods and services at partner companies using the convenient LivenPay mobile app, and consumers will receive a portion of the money spent on their account. Coins obtained in this way can be used for:

  • reduce the number of bills when paying for lunch in a restaurant or buying goods, charity.
  • accumulated funds for the purpose of buying expensive items on the wish list;
  • coin trading.

Some LivenPay clients are available


ICO Details

The developer intends to issue 10 billion coins, of which 3 billion LVN will be sold during the crowdsale. Public sales were launched in October 2018 and continue today. The LVN 1 fee is 0.015 dollars.
Soft cap Project - 10 million dollars, hardcap - 28 million dollars.

Info token

Token: LVN

Network: Ethereum

Token type: ERC20

Decimal Points: 18

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 LVN

Token Price: $0.015 USD

Total Sale: 30% (3,000,000,000)

Accepting: USD, AUD, ETH

Softcap: $10,000,000 USD (Reached)

Hardcap: $28,000,000 USD

Jurisdiction: Australia

Restricted: USA, China, Morocco, Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Pakistan

The token distribution is as follows:






if you want to make a wallet you can use the following link:

To find out more about LivenPay, please visit the link below:
White Paper:
Bounty Thread:

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