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It's not the strongest nor the smartest, but the ones most able to adapt.
  • some dude

As we go with the times in the single one option that's left that's an option at all we live in a state of constant flux, set plans are a bad idea, only vectors (a bit like all of reality actually)

So the thing is "write me" , hopefully a little more interaction than i get on the usual daily stuff.

It's quite simple. Almost berniesanders-simple, brutal and effective, interactive

I give a keyword, you comment

3 lines in order of preference :

  • a haiku always gets best chance

  • if it rhymes

  • if its funny

  • or just three lines on the keyword

as explained in the introduction i wont have a vote to split on comments for a while so

  • depending on what's what an upvote or a vote by @peoplesbot on the comment or a combo of those is possible, but i cant provide for the whole nation ofcourse

  • only comments that adhere to the criteria will be eligible

so the keyword for today is


well , as i get more time to comment now, i suppose you can find my opinion @theopinion or in the comments section, the point is to save time while keeping it slightly interactive and maybe even somewhat #steemit for a change, so i can focus on @goldmanmorgan in order to start the Dreamworks : @tyrnannoght

thanks (or not) it doesnt matter much to me, but it could be a vote for you or even ... just fun trying to figure out three lines to write :)

last but not least :
Let me enlighten you :: rules exist to discipline oneself, do not force them on someone else (Kongo - Ars nova cadenza)
Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ? (me)


if there is any questions regarding the accounts : @rudyardcatling , @ubasti , @sakhmet , @maahes , @goldmanmorgan , @tyrnannoght, feel free to join and ask away, i'm not always on keyboard but i check at least once day ... feel free to lurk and feel free to post any steemit links in the appropriate channel, you can ask questions by leaving a comment @rudyardcatling , i try to read all of them but i might not on the other accounts

“The universe did not invent justice. Man did. Unfortunately, man must reside in the universe.”
― Roger Zelazny, The Dream Master

*don't feed the trolls*

notified by popular request : @ecoinstant , thanks for asking :)

some stats

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