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Le camouflage frog


5 months ago

©2019 | Ruben Cress -

While strolling around in a forest near the German border, there was this little guy who thought it could hide from my camera. For all that I knew... it was a brown leaf until it jumped around. Of course, it noticed me long before I saw the little creature. It sat silently, and waited patiently for us to leave.

©2019 | Ruben Cress -

I quickly changed my lens and got as close as I could get without scaring the little guy. Hiding in plain sight, with his entire body camouflaged. I bet he caught a lot of flies and other small bugs with this technique.

©2019 | Ruben Cress -

©2019 | Ruben Cress -

At least it is trying right... I mean, I could check out its entire body while I sneaked behind him. The photographs gave me a good chuckle. I hope they did the same thing for you.



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