QANON: The Serious Shit That's Going Down You WON'T See On TV...?


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Unless you've been living under a rock or in a cave for the last few decades, you may be well-aware that there has been an incredible amount of political corruption on this gigantic ball of stardust spinning around the sun at 67,000 mph.

Those who've ventured down the rabbit holes of the conspiracy theory realm might know better than the average person who has lived in the box of traditional society, influenced by mainstream media and the conventional institutions of capitalistic culture, that things on this planet have been a bit wonky. From archaic financial-economic models akin to modern-day slavery, to elitist agendas for global domination and world depopulation via the poisoning of our food, air, and water, to mass brainwashing and propaganda campaigns, to inhumane pedophile rings, drug monopolies and cartels, an absolutely broken medical-pharmaceutical empire causing way more deaths than health, satanic rituals a sane person couldn't fathom, and more... there's some seriously nutty shit that's been going down on earth.

And it appears that finally, the tides may be turning.

Although it seemed we were heading towards a collective Orwellian-nightmare straight out of the classic, somewhat-prophetic novel, 1984, the ascension process has not failed. Earth's vibration and the consciousness upon this planet have been shifting upwards. And change is upon us.

With the advent of the the internet becoming public, more and more information has been able to get out. People have been sharing their discoveries with one another. And the stranglehold of an "elite" group up ultra-wealthy behind-the-scenes players on the fate of the general human population has been loosening, as there have been forces working for the light to counter the attacks waged on mankind by a cabal of absolute psychopaths bent on horrific world domination.

It's all a rather long, detail-rich tale. However, fast-forwarding to some of the most critical information relevant to where we are now...


(Pronounced "Q-anon.")

So the summarized story goes...

"Q" is supposedly a top-level government insider, who has been leaking information on the online bulletin board, 4chan, regarding how a covert operation to bring down the Deep State cabal is to unfold.

While mainstream media has responded with a smear campaign to label the whole thing a wackjob conspiracy theory, it does appear that much of the information Q has leaked about takedowns has come to pass. (i.e. a bunch of corrupt Saudi Princes getting taken down last November, and a recent "false flag" suicide bombing attack in New York.) Despite a Google search on "Qanon" returning results that make it sound like some far-out, borderline-insane prank, that doesn't exactly matter.

The type of information that's been coming out via Q isn't new. And regardless of who wants to label those who share such information as "conspiracy theorists" deserving of tinfoil hats, it has undoubtedly been proven that there is much evidence continually-emerging regarding the scope and scale of corruption that's been occurring throughout all sorts of societal institutions, from political to religious, educational, military, military, scientific, "health care," media, non-profit, and beyond.

From Edward Snowden to Julian Assange and wikileaks, back to what outspoken researchers like David Wilcock, David Icke, and others had been sharing all along, and even linking back to ancient prophecies... we're in the midst of an emergence of some real crazy stuff that's been happening in the shadows of our society and culture - the extent of which, may turn out to be far greater we've imagined, if what's been forewarned is revealed as Truth.

This stuff is no joke.

The KEY info you may need to know:

Irregardless of "conspiracies," there are currently over 51,701 sealed indictments in the United States - 50 times the yearly average.

Meaning: there could be over 51,701 people arrested in the U.S. and sent to military trials for very serious crimes.

Q has not been the only source "reporting" on / leaking this.

There has been alot of implications that a large majority of these people have abundant evidence collected against them proving their involvement in human trafficking and child sex trade rings of a very large scale, organized very systematically.

As to how this shall all go down, time will tell.

Nonetheless, it's possible that shit's about to go down.

And when it does, it's very possible that there may be an increase in number of distractions and fake news presented by mass media. Given that the large majority of mainstream media publications and channels are part of the Deep State propaganda machine, it could be reasonably expected that the full truth of what is unfolding shall not be found there, and much will be presented to mislead and sway public opinion on the events occurring.

Though whether it comes via mainstream or alternative sources, we've been forewarned that many of the things that are about to be exposed as this all happens are likely to be very disturbing.

Whether referring to the pedophile ring stuff alone, or reaching further into various facets of political and financial corruption, there may be a great purge coming - with much darkness exposed.

And, it's possible that the outcomes of the verdicts arrived at during the trials could be a real bloodbath, many of these criminals facing the death penalty. If that were to occur - and the list of those charged included several high-profile politicians, CEOs, and celebrities, as has been implied - such an event could be reasonably traumatizing for the general public to witness in this day and age, let alone dealing with the atrocities revealed throughout the entire drama.

Whatever the case, this particular article is not intended to dive into details nor theorize on possible outcomes.

The intention here, is to serve in bringing this movement to light and, for those feeling inclined to do a bit further research for themselves, share some decent resources as a starting point.


Without further ado...

One excellently written source shared by a great curator friend yesterday on the details of the entire unfolding, comes from David Wilcock:

Stunning New Briefings: Spy Satellites Down, Deep State Arrests Finally Imminent?

Not a short read, this three-part series dives into quite a few facts and details, painting a picture of the bigger plans that may be unraveling.

Making your way through this one in its entirety will be quite a large investment of time, unless you’re a speed reader, and it can seem a bit all-over-the-place at times. Though if you’re ready to venture deep down the rabbit hole, it contains many pieces of the puzzle that’ll help formulate a clearer idea of the scale this entire planetary chess game is on. If you’d prefer to save time, best carry on to the shorter summary videos below.

Onwards to the shorter, video content specific to Q...

Navigating through the maze of YouTube, some of the best-quality coverage on Qanon to be found is from the Edge Of Wonder channel.

Approached from a fairly objective, journalistic angle, these two gentlemen have done a great job compiling and presenting some rather interesting facts regarding the history of the Q movement and track record of his leaks matching events that later happened as forewarned.

Inquisitive, intelligent, and witty, these are probably the highest-professional quality video content currently available online covering Qanon:

One other great source that sums it up in a rather professional matter, is this video by Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution:

For anyone interested in diving deeper into the Q phenomenon, two of the most consistent YouTubers reporting on updates and developments can be found here:

Praying Medic

Destroying The Illusion

One more video, for anyone curious...

This is the first I ever watched on the phenomenon, which does a fairly good job narrating the Q story. It is a bit more subjective, coming from a slightly-more conspiratorial angle than the videos above, which are presented from a more journalistic, objective perspective. Nonetheless, I share it here for anyone who might be interested to watch, as it does lay out some great points and the overall presentation is more engaging & entertaining with a dramatic edge to it, versus the duller facts-orientation of those above:

And lastly, a short speech from president Donald Trump...

Love him or hate him, there's truth that comes through in this speech well-deserving of attention and respect.

As absolutely crazy it might seem on the surface that Trump could end up American president, and for as much news has come out on him that makes it sound like the country is being guided into a complete crash and burn, there's always two sides to any story. And regardless of what policies Trump might have been initiating that are against the best interest of the people, or what seemingly-insane things are going down, there's always a dark and light side, always a yin and a yang.

Irregardless of the madness Trump may have brought, IF it turns out that he is a key player in such a larger plan that brings down the "Deep State" corruption which ends up in the conclusion of horrific human & child sex trafficking rings and a much wider variety of political & financial corruption that has inflicted incredible amounts of damage to both humankind and the planet... then we are blessed.

If it all goes down the way Q has been leaving breadcrumb trails suggesting it will, there is little to fear - but much to be grateful for, as we are on the verge of a planetary shift whereby our society will be purged of the darkest ongoing atrocities and human rights violations, such that we can restore an order of peace, harmony, and prosperity to a degree we've only been able to pray, hope, and dream for.

In any case...

This is a quick, powerful 5-minute video of Trump speaking on the matter, which stands in stark contrast to the image of him portrayed by mainstream media. Should you choose to watch & listen, set aside whatever judgements of the man you may have and really open to the message, as it's a rather powerful one capturing the essence of what the entire Qanon movement is about, not from the third-perspective of reporters trying to piece together bits of the puzzle, but from the "leader" of perhaps the most powerful nation-state in the world, himself...

In conclusion...

What are we to make of all this...?

Your guess might be as good as mine.

Q could just be some kid in his parents' basement taking the world for a good troll.

Yet, there are alot of things that add up.

As to who Q is exactly, what degree of truth there may or may not be to everything they've shared so far, and what is yet to come... perhaps these aren't matters that are nearly as important as the core intention this writing is to serve: coming to an awareness that yes, there's been some very serious corruption within our society, and it is nearing its end.

Conspiracy theories aside, the scale of military operation required to carry out the arrests of those 51,701 people named in the U.S.' sealed indictments is not small. Nor is the scope of criminal organizations in which they have been operating to commit serious human rights abuses.

If this all goes down, it may be difficult for some of us to believe.

And undoubtedly, there would be consequences within our societies and cultures that might not be entirely smooth to undergo at first.

There would be much misinformation in the mainstream media.

And however it goes down, we will need strength of spirit to assist those whom may have a more difficult time accepting what emerges through the process.

In the end, it's all for the best. The time has come for a planetary upgrade. And the shit needs to get squeezed out, the worst of criminals brought to justice.

Or who knows. Maybe it's all a bunch of bulloney, and criminals will carry on to take over the world.

Or either way, maybe it's all good.

Sometimes conspiracy theories can be fun. Though diving down the rabbit hole can hold the risk of diving so deep and getting lost in a web of confusing misinformation, that there may come a point where it’s best to simply check out, let the world run its course, and focus our efforts constructively towards building new projects and systems (such as those coming together in the blockchain space) that are alignment with the new world we choose to create.

Or some shit.


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