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IMG_76913 45 aspect_1.jpg

Some light painting I did a while ago at a rock pool by the sea.

The cloudy weather of late has generally hindered my chances of doing any light painting under the Milky Way so when a clear night comes along I tend to get a bit excited.
On a night like this I will usually spend an hour or two creating shapes with different tools.
For those that aren't aware of the movement of the Milky Way in Australia, in this image the stars are all slowly moving towards the top left corner so every now and then I would have to move my camera and tripod to the right to keep the Milky Way somewhat centered with my light painting (I didn't want to move my position for the light painting as it was the easiest spot to do it).

The tool I used here was a Nitecore P26 torch attached to an orange acrylic tube with a blue plastic tip taped on the end. Check out my Instagram for pix of the tool.
The lights on the horizon are passing ships.

This image is a single exposure:
10mm, f/4.5
ISO-3200, 43secs

You can find more of my work on Instagram

Hive LP.jpg


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