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Less strikes More free market!


4 months ago2 min read


Today Brazil has woken up with some strikes in its main capitals. Employees of companies that provide public transportation services have cut down the number of buses on the streets and closed some subways in protest against the economic reforms that are taking place in the country.

Needless to say, I am totally against this act, even though many people believe that it is the right of people to go on strike. In Brazil, almost all strikes are carried out by public service officials, showing how essential it is that we privatize all public services in the country, so that actions such as these never happen again.

In the free market, we can hold our strikes against companies simply by not acquiring their products and beginning to make agreements and purchases on their competitors, ensuring that only that company in question is affected by sending a direct message so that either it changes, or that declares bankruptcy. Now, when we talk about government, there is no such thing. Who is affected by the lack of services? The workers have nothing to do with what happened. Politicians are not even in the affected cities, and even if they were, they are the last people to use public transport.

We urgently need to put an end to these public enterprises, and ensure that they are privatized, until we have nothing public and we have the true laissez faire!


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