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STEEM INVENTORY "IV" Token Sale and "IV" Token Detail Settings.


6 months agoSteemit4 min read

Hello, I'm ROR Team.
A few days ago, we informed about launching of STEEM INVENTORY "IV."
This time, I'd like to introduce you of IV Token in detail.
First of all, our “IV” aims to play the role of Inven, Wiki, or Community in blockchain games.
Below are the details of our IV token settings.

IV Token details.
Total Published 12,000,000 IV Token
Total Sales 6,000,000 IV Token
Airdrop 120,000 IV Token (will be done for RORS and AIT holders)

Author Curve Exponent1.2
Curation Curve Exponent0.8
Cashout Window Days4
Reduction Every N Block10512000
Reduction Percentage5
Rewards Toekn1
Rewards Token Every N Block30
IV Token Total Supply in First Year1,051,200 IV

IV Token Sales

IV Token has a token sale before its official release.
IV Miner tokens will be on sale until the full sale.
IV Token may end after launch, and some unsold IV tokens will be burned.

IV Token is sold at 1 IV = 0.048 STEEM.

IV Miner Token is available at 1 IVM = 1.5 STEEM price.

IV Token Pool


(*IV Token Pool can be adjusted as required.)
1 percent of IV Token Pool is automatically transferred to the ROR game reward pool ( account) for the ROR token.

If you've seen the above details, you might have noticed that IV Token Pool has more curator’s reward than the author's reward, and the beneficiary's reward is higher.
The reason we've set the curator's reward higher than the author's, is because the ROR team thinks more incentives should go to investors, and as the author's reward grows, the nature of the community has turned to increasing curator rewarding rather than increasing it. In addition, our ROR team believes that a POB system like STEEMIT is critical to bringing in new investors.

Then how is the lack of rewarding for the author?

We're not going to have to solve the deficient author reward with the POB system, we're going to do it with a high beneficiary.

There will certainly be voluntary participation by IV platform users, but this is definitely not something that should be enforced.

Therefore, the ROR team takes advantage of a donation system using Beneficiary. We plan to provide directly popular, good, and new authors who wrote good articles with some of the IV tokens gathered through Beneficiary. We believe that this system will encourage writers to write better.

IV token investors are focusing on the revenue that can be gained as users grow, and the authors expect to try to obtain donation rather than relying on the income of the POB system.

On the other hand, you might think that there are fewer people who write because the author's reward is small. However, we thought that if the author's reward increases, there would be people who write the articles only to get the rewards. This clearly will discourage existing users and create an atmosphere in which new users can feel rejection for their writing, thus We decide reducing the author's reward. In addition, the number of STEEMIT users per day decreased to around 3,000, with the decrease in STEEM prices, and the number of Korean community users is expected to be less than 300.

Our ROR team is planning to actively promote the lack of authors and new users, and will allow more writers and game users to enter STEEM INVENTORY. website is being prepared. Please be interested in STEEM INVENTORY.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the discord channel below and we'll be able to answer them as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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