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Introducing Road Of Rich(ROR) New Token Economy of Reward Pool Operation. / Next-Generation STEEM Blockchain Game!


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Hello, Everyone.
ROR team continues to think about improving token economy details.
The biggest issue of the existing token economy is that once the active key is exposed, all reward pools cannot be secure from hackers. To solve this problem, there was an alternative to dividing the reward pool account and the payment account, but if the active key is exposed even once, all the paid-payment reward pools cannot be secure from hackers.

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So We are going to introduce you to a new token economy of reward pool operation.

The ROR team spent a long time thinking about how to make the reward pool safer and more rewarding using steem power.
This was possible because of STEEM blockchain, and it's a token economy that can benefit both RORS investors and ROR game players.

To date, the updated is:

Simply 'ROR Payment account’ and 'ROR Reward Pool Account' are operated independently, not on the @roadofrich account. So, @roadofrich account will be used for benefits and events for the token holder. The @ROR payment account is an account in which the paid payment amount is deposited within the ROR game. The @ROR Reward pool account receives a weekly reward from the ROR payment account and gives daily reward to the token holder and game player
When payment is made in the ROR game, various cryptocurrency bills such as STEEM, RORS, and SBD are deposited into the ROR payment account.

The deposited STEEM immediately switches to Steem Power(SP), and the RORS and SBD are sold to obtain STEEM and switches to Steem Power. The steem power that's gathered like this is going to start ‘Power Down’. Daily reward starts seven days after the start power down.
STEEM obtained from power down will be transferred to the ROR reward pool account, which divides the deposited STEEM into seven days, and allocates the same amount to the ROR token holder and game player every day.
During this daily allocation of STEEM, which has been moved to reward pool for about a month, ROR payment account will gradually accumulate new payments. This amount will be converted to Steem Power, which start power down again every month

EX) If the ROR payment account has 100,000 SP, it will be set to the first month's reward pool.
After seven days, approximately 7,692 STEEM is powered down and transferred to the ROR reward pool account, with approximately 1098 STEEM allocated every day.
Let's assume that after one month, the additional paid amount was collected in the ROR payment account to reach 200,000 SP.
The ROR team immediately cancels the power down of the first 100,000 SP in the ROR payment account and restarts the power down of 200,000 SP.
This will result in approximately 15,384 STEEM being added to the reward pool after one month, and approximately 2197 STEEM is allocated every day.

The reason why this updated token economy is so positive is because it is more secure from hacking and the additional reward system and the increase in the reward pool.
Here's how this new token economy Explains the benefits:

  1. If the ROR payment account is exposed to a key value due to unavoidable circumstances, there are fewer flexible STEEM, SBD, and RORS, which minimizes damage and enables account recovery. The larger the paid amount of the ROR payment account, the more steem power will be increased
  2. Providing increased voting rewards for RORS token holders and game players.
  3. The curation reward of the ROR payment account is returned to the reward pool. Curation Rewards are rewarded with 100% steem power, and will automatically be incorporated into the reward pool when a new power down is made in a month. (The reward pool automatically increases.)
  4. You can set the upper limit of the reward pool. If your daily reward increases significantly due to a temporary increase in your paid payments, you can adjust the power down amount to operate the token for a longer period of time by passing the power down line through the reward pool. (The increase in the reward pool may increase the inflow of new users.)

The new token economy is currently in the process of several simulations and is being reviewed in many ways. Please give us a lot of feedback on the new token economy rules.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the discord channel below and we'll be able to answer them as soon as possible.

ROR Official Discord Channel
ROR Official Website :!/v/roadofrich/su2p162j5m6

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