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RMach's Road to SteemFest 4 | Three truths, one lie


8 months agoSteemit2 min read


Nice one, @anomadsoul! What a topic!

Well, this challenge is very different compared to the others. At first I thought it would be an easy one but now that I began to think about it, it's not. It's a challenging challenge!

The structure is very straightforward though! Let's go to the facts!


I can move my ears. Not big movements. I don't even know which muscles make it possible but I can do it.


I'm no Frank Sinatra but I like to sing and am relatively good at it. During college, as a part-time, I used to sing Fado (Portuguese typical music) in bars and parties.


Once I passed out in the bath. I was lying on the bathtub relaxing. The water and mostly the air in the bathroom was too hot and I started to feel weird. I got out but it was too late. I passed out and broke a glass in the fall. To make things worse I cut my leg and there was blood eeeeeeeeverywhere!


About cuts and glasses... when I was a child I used to play soccer at home (we all did that, right?). The proper ball was forbidden but I had balloons! But there was a glass table in my living room and one day I missed the balloon and kicked the table. Well... it broke and... you guessed it... I cut my leg.

There you have it! You can meet me in Bangkok and ask me to move my ears, sing fado or show you my scars on both legs!

Steem on and Lie on!

Queen - Liar



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