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Witness Proposal: Riverhead


4 years ago

Hello Fellow STEEMers!

I'm throwing my hat in the ring to be one of the voted in witnesses and would love to have your support. I have experience being a witness on Bitshares 1.0 and 2.0 and am currently a witness for the MUSE project.

To support the integrity of the STEEM blockchain it is important to have witnesses that have experience and are known to the community. It also helps if they have good hardware :). To this end I am having a dedicated server (not a VPS) built in a Netherlands data center. These specs can of course can scale with STEEM adoption as quickly as needed.

ProcessorIntel X3430
RAM4GB PC3-10600E
OperatingSystem Ubuntu 14.04
Connection1x 1Gbit

Hope I can count on your support,



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