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Story of multiple personalities disorders

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The case of Billy Milligan : 24 personalities in 1 man.

He was the first person who didn't receive any punishment for his crime( robbery and 3 rape case)due to his multiple personality disorder which raised as a defense factor for him.

In 1970s his case was widespread in Ohio. Psychologist after interviewing him declared that he had DID (Dissociative identity disorder) , lawyers defended him claiming that the crime was committed by two of his alternate personalities without him being aware of it.
He was born on 14 February 1955 (on Valentine's day), he was born between many childrens as his mother had various relationships. His father could not run the family and expenses, ended up being a alcoholic and depressed. He committed suicide by Carbon monoxide poisoning.
After which his mother married a guy, along with Billy Milligan used to live. His new father used to abuse/ torture/ molested etc..(ex : he was asked to dig a grave bed for himself and sleep there). He was being affected majorly
During these incidents he got a thought, “what if these tortures are taken by some other person and so that I won't experience any pain”. So whenever he was abused he used to imagine a person who used to take up that. To get rid of pain and depression, he started to imagine different people to substitute him during different incidents. Due to which 23 personalities was raised with him.

When doctors questions him how did you feel, did you ever expierence trauma of have 23 people within you , to which he answered - “ For me my body was a dark web, and right in the centre, a beam of light (spotlight) around which 23 personalities used to stand waiting for their chance.
Only 1 person at time could stand in the spotlight and control the body(it's action/desires).

Christopher - 13 year old drummer, who was scared of mud and adults.

Billy Milligan - himself, the prime character, a sharp person.
Arthur - British person, highly intellectual and knowledgeable.

Ragen Vadascovinich - rage/anger, powerful - knowing martial arts, A Yugoslav communist who Milligan claimed had committed the robberies in a kind of Robin Hood spirit.

Allen : manipulate, seduce , cheat someone.

Tommy : 16 year old, saxophone player who was talented in escaping from a situation.

Danny : 14 year old, keeper of fear.

David : 8 year old, Artist. He wasn't bothered what was happening around him, roaming around and having fun.

Christian : 3 year old girl, who used to play with dolls.

Adalana : 19-year-old lesbian who cooked for all the personalities and craved affection and who had allegedly committed the rapes.

Whatever he thought of aquire/carve for in life was converted into a person's personality. He said that “The 23 characters themselves know that there are 23 people living along, and these 23 people are inturn having relationship with one among, but Adalana could not find any partner among those 22 personalities, so she comitted the crime to fulfill her desire.

So the psychologist decided to introduce a character called teacher (through the process of fusion) which would join all the personalities to form a single individual. The teacher (24 th personality) who was the most dominate one, which would control all the remaining characters. For the rest of his life, the teacher character helped him recover. He died due to cancer on December 12, 2014.


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