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Down, down, down


11 months agoBusy2 min read

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Hi, dear Steemian friends

Many of us are not very happy about the situation right now with a declining market after nearly a year-long falling market, the mining situation, the manipulations, the rejected ETF and so on. I think we will all remember 2018 as a very good beginning year with most of the people calling that the mass adoption has finally arrived and a never-ending falling market after a never seen all-time high. Right now Steem is at 0.66$ and it may not be finished to fall. It is depressing to look at our portfolio at the moment and most of us want to take holidays far from crypto, but we have signed to be in and we also know how much it can fall and rise in a matter of days. It is a crucial time for crypto because if a government really want to hit us hard at the moment it will be a catastrophic time for many. So, today I decide to shut my coinmarketcap until some better days. I use to do that from time to time when the market is bad and it works. The only days I will give it a look it is for buying some more tokens. Anyway, this is crypto life until we see some change in the space. Courage, Be strong, HODL tight! Enjoy the ride it is a roller coaster!



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