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How the YouTube purge has brought me to 3Speak


3 months ago

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I'm the Reverend Simon Sideways. A fake Reverend, but I do real news.

I have 47K subscribers on my main YouTube channel, and a further 14K on my family friendly one. But despite that, I've been demonetised by YouTube to the point where it's almost not worth bothering to click the monetisation button any more. I've been demonetised for saying the wrong things. Not illegal things, just things that they don't like.

I met with the 3Speak team over the weekend, and I like what they are doing to support free speech. So my new content is going here. And because I believe in free speech, I'm going to start by donating the monetisation I make on back to 3Speak to help them grow their platform to support others who've been shut down for saying the wrong things.

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