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Our ’attract-users-to-Hive' problem - halfway solved


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I feel I should make a post on the Hive user issue. We all know we have some inherent problems for new users on Hive:

  1. Key problem:
    Key management. I don’t want to focus on that.
  2. Reward problem:
    Our new user has happily created his/her account, has understood how to handle the keys, does a post… and receives nothing. Maybe not even a cent. Some posts later probably still 0 cent. Frustration comes up (and I think it’s justified)… user is gone and won’t come back and maybe makes a bad publicity for Hive.
  3. User expectation:
    Hive is a colorful and nice community with a variety of interests and knowledge and resulting posts. But - when you come to Hive as a new user you don’t see it. The problem was already solved but stopped half way!

2. A possible solution of the reward problem (?)

I haven’t done the calculations - but I guess there could be a way…
The idea is to have a specific account that has so many HP to upvote one post a day of each user with a reputation in the interval of [25, 40] in a way that the payout at the end is at least 0.03 $ - just to be sure that at least 0.01 $ to 0.015 $ can be paid out. Still ridiculous, even if the post is bad, but any activity should be rewarded at the beginning.
I know some of you would say real newbies or somebody else could just do shit-posts to grab the money. Yes they could. If they do so all time we have downvotes and the reputation will be below 25 really fast.
All the others will be motivated to do better posts to get more valuable upvotes. And for 0.01 $ per post it’s not worth to trick the system - your energy costs for a post probably would be higher - not to mention the time to set up such a fraud system.
Maybe there are HP on accounts we could use for these newbie-upvotes, maybe we can create an account and if everybody is delegating some HP it would work and pay out for all of us. And that should work without any specific tag, following some account or registration - just out of the box!

3. A solution for the user expectation. Guys, we already have (had) that!

Let me first write some lines to distinguish between a blog and a community:

  • If you follow somebody then you follow his blog. You expect to see every post in your ’following feed’ of all the authors you follow.
    Why do you follow ? Because you want to read everything from this specific author. You are interested in the author.

  • If you subscribe to a community usually you don’t care about the author - you are interested in a certain subject.
    Imagine you are new on Hive now: In general, you don’t know anybody and of course you don’t know who you should follow. But when you enter Hive you still have the same interests like you have had a minute before. So you know what you are interested to read about on Hive. So the first step will be/should be to find your communities. If you surf to peakd - the most popular and most sophisticated frontend to navigate on Hive - you find 12 sections on it’s landing page. They are all great - but the landing page should be the communities page. Then you find your first community and start posting. Your post will be read (and maybe upvoted) by others in the community - even though you don’t have any followers for your own blog. You probably will find some more communities and you start to feel home on Hive.

So the landing page should be the community page.

Now I want to focus on a - unfortunately new - Hive community problem:

You are a while on hive already, have your topics you are posting about and you have got some followers already. You are ’proud’ and you want to have your own blog (of course!).
You find a post you have done that could be interesting for a community. Now the guys from peakd have had a great idea: Cross posting. You can post your blog-post to a community. Great! But they can’t upvote it any more! Well, they can, but the upvote will not support the author but probably just burned. So you like to upvote somebodies post and the system says ’thank you, but no - I throw it away’. That’s frustrating. Frustrating for both, curators and the author.

Burning the rewards is helping the non-posting whales most. Any cross post is better than no post and a post always should be rewarded for this reason.

Posts without payouts in the communities do not attract newbies!
Don't worry about double upvotes for a post done more than 7 days ago. Your followers are usually not in your community. And if so, they probably know that they have upvoted your post in your blog already. And if not, I bet, they won't care.

Cross posts have at least two features:
  • Attract community members to you blog
  • Reactivate posts that are older than 7 days but should be posted to a community now

And we need community posts - even those, that has been posted to blogs before.

But unfortunately upvotes for cross-posts are not possible. I guess the reason is that you could get rewarded more than once for the same content and you could create new posts really fast and trick the system e.g. by upvoting yourself.

Hey - it doesn’t matter! If you want to do many shit posts and spread them to upvote yourself, or get upvoted by a bot, you can do so anyway. Maybe you will get a second SBI upvote on your post and that’s ok - you won’t get the upvote value later. But with declining payouts for cross-posts the best feature peakd has developed for Hive is gone!
In my eyes it would be better to treat a cross-post like a normal post with a special reward distribution we had (some reward goes to the community account, some to the cross-poster, most to the author).


  1. (Investigate a solution for the keys-problem for new users. Later and more experienced they can switch to handle their keys by themself.)

  2. Let’s create a system-inherent reward pool for all new users like defined above. Maybe it can be done in connection with the HIVE Stake Based Income project (SBI). SBI units for delegation could be used to upvote the ’newbie group’. Let’s try to figure out how many HP would be necessary.

  3. Allow payouts for a cross post of a former blog post. We need the communities - we need many more posts to communities - even those that has been blog posts before.

  4. Make the community page our Hive-landing-page. Show the communities to attract new users by regularly upvoted community posts when they arrive the first time.

Thanks for reading and discussing it.

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