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Share Your World Contest #3


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It is time for the third contest in this series of four Share Your World contests. It has been a rewarding journey thus far and I hope you can participate this time or again. The idea behind the contest is simple.

Share Your World contest

One of the things that excite me the most about Steemit is the opportunity to engage with people from all over the world. Somebody once said:

You will find that I am just like you. And you will find that I am nothing like you.

I want to use this opportunity to find out about your world.

You can find the previous two contests here.

  1. Saturday Celebration
  2. Share Your World Contest #2

The winners were announced here.

  1. Share your world contest winners
  2. Here are the winners!


  1. My three favourite posts will each receive five shares of @steembasicincome.
  2. Ten additional posts will each receive one share of @steembasicincome. These will be determined by a draw from all valid entries.
  3. A @steem-bounty of 4 Steem will be created on this post.
  4. 10 people can earn 300 Superior Coin by entering this contest as a task at @kryptonia.
  5. I will upvote each entry (your comment here) at 50% and your actual post at 100%
  6. I will resteem your post.


  1. Create a post on the chosen topic to share this with us.
  2. The post should be at least 300 words.
  3. Place a link to that post in the comments here. This will be your entry and will be acknowledged by being given a number.
  4. At least nine people need to enter for prizes to be awarded.
  5. I am looking for something that will give us insight into your world. A personal experience or perspective will count for a lot.
  6. The winners will be announced on Sunday, 9 September 2018. Last entries will be accepted on Saturday, 8 September 2018.
  7. Use #shareyourworld as your first tag.
  8. Use the above picture for your post. Here is the link. (You can use other pictures too. Just start with this one.)
    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a><sub>[Source](</sub>

I hope that @fitinfun, @celinavisaez, @oclinton, @rvag5, @socialmediaseo, @hairyfairy, @anasuleidy, @thaishps and @colochos from the first contest and @mmunited, @thaishps, @saulos, @fitinfun, @zzuzza, @machiqui63, @joanstewart, @edwardsun55, @hairyfairy, @celinavisaez, @ashikstd, @isabelpena and @socialmediaseo from the second contest will consider entering again.


The topic is twofold this time. Please include both aspects in your post.

  • Tell us what the greatest challenge is that your country/ region / cultural group/area where you are currently living is facing in 2018. (It can be anything but give us some detail. Not just a one-word description like 'poverty'.)
  • Now tell us why or how you think your people will survive or overcome their challenges. Describe an aspect of who they are that will enable them to be successful. (I'm not looking for socio-economic or political solutions. I want to hear who your people are.)

Please share your world with us! We all look forward to reading your views and perspectives.


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