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How to avoid data theft when turning in a used cell phone; Man sues AT&T for hacked cryptocurrency; Bank of America says the 60/40 portfolio split may be outdated; A book fair for grown-ups is coming to NY; and a Steem recipe for cheesecake

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  1. Trading in your smartphone could be a 'ticking time bomb' for your personal data — here's how one expert says you can protect yourself - Anticipating a large volume of phone returns as 5G services are deployed, this article notes that resetting a phone to factory defaults deletes pointers to files, but doesn't delete the files themselves, so bad actors can easily recreate data like bank account numbers and credit card numbers. To guaranty safety, the article says mobile carriers must implement a three-step process: (i) erase the data; (ii) validate the erasure; and (iii) generate a report on the erasure. To ensure that this happen, the article recommends asking the following questions when turning a phone in: "How can I trust that my phone is truly sanitized?" and "Are you validating that there's no data left?"

  2. California Man Sues AT&T Over Loss of $1.8M and Crypto Accounts - California media and technology expert is suing on claims that AT&T employees facilitated the theft of his cryptocurrency by transferring his SIM to an unauthorized device, which enabled the thieves to gain access to his holdings on several exchanges. He also claims to be in possession of chat logs where, "AT&T employees and hackers discuss how the stolen money should be routed and brag about how much they took.". Shapiro's suit rests on the basis that, by failing to protect his personal information, AT&T violated the Federal Communications Act.

  3. Bank of America declares ‘the end of the 60-40’ standard portfolio - A long term staple of investment advice is to carry 40% in bonds and 60% in equities. This strategy has been intended to provide safety against market downturns while still giving exposure to growth during upturns. Now, however, there are over 1,100 stocks that are providing higher dividends than government bonds, and money from the developing world is heavily invested in the bond-market, creating a possible investment bubble. So Bank of America (BoA) investment advisers investors to consider shifting towards a higher percentage in equities.

  4. A Book Fair for Grown-Ups Is Coming to New York - On Saturday, November 23, Penguin Random House will be hosting a book fair at Lightbox in New York. Attendees must be 21 years old, and tickets cost $25 for a one hour slot, or $50 for the entire five hours. In addition to book sales, the event will also feature appearances by Penguin Random House authors, and other things like "spin art, snap bracelets, Mr. Sketch markers, and cubbies" that promise to capture middle-school nostaliga.

  5. STEEM Never Fail New York Cheesecake Recipe - No cheesecake for me, since I basically gave up most sugars and carbs back in April, but before then cheesecake was a personal favorite, so it looks delicious. Here's a recipe from @justineh for the many people who might still enjoy making or eating it. (A 10% beneficiary setting has been applied to this post for @justineh.)

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