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A new way to capture transient earnings in financial reports; Coinbase connects coinbase customers and merchants for easier payments; new Google ad format borrows from social media post formats; The difference between a college and a university (in the US); and a Steem photo-essay on the life of Latin American coffee workers

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  1. Core Earnings? New Data and Evidence - In this Harvard Business School working paper summary, Ethan C. Rouen, Charles Wang, and Eric So describe a new technique for measuring corporate finances through analysis of corporate 10-K filings. The paper finds that, "Detailed financial statement analysis can produce a measure of core earnings that is more persistent than traditional earnings measures and forecasts future performance". It also notes that market participants and analysts are typically slow in appreciating the impact of transitory changes in earnings that are embedded in these filings. The new technique involves finding transitory measures of income in 10-K filings and their appendices, and using them to adjust the GAAP numbers. By employing these techniques, the paper reports an anomalous increase in returns of 7-10% per year. The full paper seems to be behind a paywall.

  2. Pay Coinbase Commerce merchants directly with your Coinbase account - This new capability from coinbase lets users pay without needing to copy complex cryptographic addresses, and it eliminates accounting difficulties that are created by exchange rate mismatches.

  3. Google is promoting an ad format that looks like a social post. Here's the presentation Google is using to steal Facebook's advertisers. - Unveiled in May, the Discovery Ads program is Google's initiative to provide advertising in a format that resembles one or more social media posts, in a tiled style. Two agencies have used the ad program, and they say the ads target people who may be in the market to buy something, but haven't recently visited any web sites. So far, the program is only available to selected advertisers. Selling points include Google's massive reach, and the fact that existing social media campaigns can be repackaged as Discovery Ads. Ads can contain a single image, or a carousel with up to ten images. Google also says that the program packages Creative Best Practices in the following ways: "(i) Inspire action with high-quality imagery; (ii) Provide a diverse mix of creative assets; (iii) Craft experiences that engage and delight; and (iv) Use what works for your brand across platforms".

  4. What's the Difference Between a College and a University? - Definitions are ambiguous, but in the US, there are certain rules of thumb. Colleges are typically two or four year schools that offer associate or bachelor degrees, but not masters or doctoral degrees. Universities generally offer bachelor degrees as well as graduate degrees including master and doctorate degrees. Additionally, universities may be umbrella organizations that include a number of schools, such as a school of business, law, or technology. As with most rules of thumb, there are exceptions to each of the above, and some states have hard rules that dictate how a school can label itself. In New Jersey, for example, a university has to have at least three fields of graduate study that can lead to advanced degrees.

  5. STEEM The life of a Coffee Worker [Photo Series] - This post is the first in a multi-part series where @deepwaters includes photos depicting the daily life of the Latin American coffee worker. The post also points out that these workers endure great hardship just to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter. For example, the post includes a photo of a 20x16 foot shelter with a shared kitten where as many as 30 people will live for periods of 3 to 6 months while women will cook hundreds of meals per day on a single indoor wood-burning stove. According to the post, "20% OF THE PROFITS OF THIS BLOG WILL BE DONATED TO TURTLE AND OCEAN PROTECTION PROGRAMS IN THE PARADISE ISLAND OF ROATAN, HONDURAS" (A 10% beneficiary has been applied to this post for @deepwaters)

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