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What does Hive mean to me?


11 days ago5 min read

I must say in simple terms, Hive = "A New Beginning with a New Opportunity with decentralized blockchain".

For the past couple of days, before Hive came live, we were seeing a debate of how the blockchain of steem should operate and how the long term vision should be. Unfortunately, it was hard to come to a truce for both the community and SUN. Well, I must not say it was unfortunate, as if that incident did not take place then we would not have got Hive Blockchain, so that can be considered as a sign, that we are starting something phenomenon!

Before I was addicted to Steem Blockchain, I was spending my time on Facebook, MIG and so on platforms, lucky me that I found steemit and my story began. I was surprised to see how the blockchain works and how people are making their time worth it. Boom, I started being serious and I realized how I can make my time worth it and how the community can make a huge difference to a platform. Literally one after another I became a content creator, investor, crypto enthusiast and much more. There were (or should I say still is) lots of bindings that were holding Steem Blockchain to go beyond what it is now. But as of now, that fence can be easily crossed with Hive Blockchain.

Hive Blockchain has a head start already. If you know what I mean, we literally have all the puzzles in place and they are already half done and now we just need to solve the rest. How would that happen you ask? Keep on reading.

  • What do you want to see HIVE evolve into?

As I said earlier we already have a head start. I have the assets in my wallet generating revenue for me constantly. I do not have to start like the way I have started my blockchain journey, so my journey should be much smoother and mostly organized from here on, in Hive Blockchain.

We already have an ecosystem in place. The way how we use it matters the most. The true meaning of decentralization should be found here. That is what the community/witness/investors have raised their voice for in Steem Blockchain. If we can not give them that, then we will a failure to us all. Considering that, later comes the way of inputting the actual work in progress, which is Mass Adoption. Even today when I share my story with some of my closed ones they seem to not believe me or are scared of the word CRYPTO. We need more creative people, content creators, investors to march forward at full pace.

It is understandable Hive is still a few days old and yet we have achieved some milestones so far. Exchange listing, volumes of trading, Dapps working on operating their projects on Hive and most importantly community is taking it positively(this fork). Now every person has their own way of thinking and I respect that to the fullest. It's your decision about what your next step should be.

I want a clean platform, with users with a goal to make their dream come to reality and Hive Blockchain will provide that opportunity, to achieve that dream!

  • What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development?

The Ninja Mined stake was the prime focus/debate earlier in Steem Blockchain. The misuse of it made the situation worse and that will not happen in Hive. Removing that and using it for DAO seems reasonable and that could be a nice move since funding might have been a problem in the future for projects.

There are plenty of talented devs and users who will come up with ideas and those individuals/groups should make the proper use of the funds. As we have more funds we shall be able to cover more grounds and this fund would allow them to think deeper and work for something better. But in the past, we have seen how things work but this time it should go smooth. And Those who will work on projects remember to make it useful for the majority.

There comes another question of the fund being used in the wrong way. Hopefully, that will not happen in a severe case. We indeed need marketing and this fund could come in handy in several ways if only it is used in the right way.

In conclusion, I am saying that again(What does Hive mean to me? ), Hive Blockchain is the community blockchain, which has plenty of opportunities for anybody, who can make the proper use of this blockchain by his/her intellect/work/effort. Decentralized blockchain for those who believe in self-empowerment and want to lead a No-censorship blockchain without any resistance.

I am in a very exciting mode right now. Powering up my assets and closely observing as I have long term plan for my Hive journey!

You may as well, share your thoughts about Hive, know more about the initiative taken by @theycallmedan here!

Hive is alive!

That is it for the day!

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