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Short Steemmonsters Story


3 months agoSteemit

Short Steemmonsters Story

Long ago, the spirit world and the human world are one.
The human world were small and no power at all.
one spirit is the Minotaor, a bull spirit lives in the field near of the human territory
Once summoned by human for a simple task
A task is plat rice and corn in the field but refused to do so,

And on the next day, the human demanded to do it,
To plow the field so they can plant
But Bull never do it and ignore their commands,
With anger, Human simply get the axe and chop the head of the bull
The next thing happen is the bull lost his head
But the spirit of the bull were never be dead
Now the bull spirit is wander around to seek revenge of his death!. .

Soon to continue. . .


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