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AI versus Humanity


11 months agoeSteem2 min read


AI has no sense of humanity and it feels to me at times the world is losing the sense as a whole with the increase use of AI.

Disregarding others as a part of the world more readily determining who others are through social media.

Then suddenly people show up that care.

Why would I wake up with this on my mind? Maybe, just maybe because of the recent love I experienced after my first post in a very long time.

We all experience pain or loss at one time or another and this is something that binds each of us as a culture.

When people reach out the each other with love, kindness, and understanding the world changes on a level we can’t always see or explain. Those of you reading this make a different in my life and I want to take time to thank you.

When was the last time your computer or phone thanked you for being in its life?

An invite we are waiting to meditate with you. This is a guided meditation so new or old all are welcome.

The link below is from @bewithbreath

If anyone is interested please join us on our discord server

your friend Rebecca



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