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Carol Danvers Leaves: Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #171– July, 1983


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Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #171: "Rogue"

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #171.jpg

Binary faces many hard choices in this issue.

The issue opens with Storm declaring herself the new leader of the Morlocks. Which is a bit strange as she is also the leader of the X-Men. She tells them that from now on they must stop hurting humans and stealing mutants to increase their numbers. This angers them, but Storm's anger is frightening to them. Callisto is still alive though. She tells storm that she will recover and take back her place and Storm's heart. Storm simply tells her that Callisto is lucky to be alive and that she shouldn't push that luck. A new side to Storm. A more violent one. Nightcrawler notices the change and disapproves.

Then the issue switches to Madelyne Pryor and Scott Summers. Pryor wakes up from a nightmare and Summers runs quickly to comfort her. She has nightmares about the plane accident she was involved in. Everyone died and only she survived. The strangest thing about it for Summers is that it happened on the same day that Jean Grey, Pryor's doppelganger, died.

Then the scene switches to Carol Danvers. Apparently she went home to visit her parents. No word on the terrible relationship she has with her father in this issue. He simply wants to know when they will see her again, and asks for her to stay in touch. What a drastic change. Maybe it was because she was missing for so long.

Carol Danvers meets her parents.jpg

Carol Danvers is not herself and her mother notices it immediately. She noticed when Danvers became Ms. Marvel, and now she notices that she is different. Of course Danvers is different. Rogue has stolen her memories and her powers. Even though Charles Xavier did his best to restore her memories, those memories have no feelings attached to them. She doesn't even feel attachment or love towards her parents. Just some vague affection. This loss angers her. Those feelings can never be replaced or replicated.

Binary's life is just getting started.jpg

Carol Danvers' life is over, but Binary's life is just getting started.

Back at the X-Men mansion Kitty Pryde is still angry at the New-Mutants for no good reason at all. Also at the X-Men mansion, Xavier with the help of Lilandra, the former empress of the Shi'ar Empire, tries to learn to walk again. He has a new body, so he should be able to walk, but his mind is trapped in his former physical pain. Whenever he is in physical pain, he cannot control his powers as well as he should.

However, he does notices a visitor stopping by. Rogue.

Colossus meets Rogue.png

Xavier sends Colossus to open the door. Colossus notices that Xavier didn't use his human name so he understands that danger is involved. He comes to the door with in metal form and sees Rogue. He immediately strikes her. But she's not there for trouble, she is there to seek out the X-Men's help.

Obviously the X-Men are super suspicious of her. Surprisingly, they are all there, even the X-Men who were with the Morlocks. Rogue explains that she unintentionally absorbed Carol Danvers' personality. Now it is like there are two people stuck inside of her. Her powers are out of control and so is her mind. The X-Men don't want to help her, they are furious, thinking it is a worthy punishment. Professor Xavier sends them away in annoyance.

In order to let out steam and frustration the X-Men head into the danger room for a practice session. Illyana has an unpleasant surprise for them, she turns the danger room into the throne chamber of the other-dimensional demon-lord Belasco. The same demon who kidnaped her and stole her childhood. This upsets Kitty who stops the danger room in a fit of anger. But she is not the only one who is angry. Illyana attacks her with a sword. A sword that was not only not there a moment ago, but one that managed to harm Kitty even when she was phasing.

Kitty manages to disarm Illyana. Illyana comes to her senses and is fearful of what she has done. She is fearful because her memories of that lost time have returned.

We then see Ororo alone. She has notices the change in herself. The change that has made her a better leader, but betrays her own believes. Suddenly, thunder appears. The small rain she summoned has got out of control, like her mental state of mind.

Professor Xavier notices Storm's anger when he summons her back to his office. But his main priority for now is Rogue. He decided to accept Rogue to his school and to the X-Men as a member on probation. Like Kitty. Storm is furious and as the leader of the X-Men refuses to accept Rogue. To make matters worse Binary returns to the mansion.

Binary returns to the X-Men.jpg

The moment Binary sees Rogue she attacks her. Without a question. Her attack is so strong that Rogue literally is tossed into outer space without her realizing who it was that attacked her. Rogue tries to attack back, but she has no chance against Binary. However, the X-Men stop Binary. Well, retrain her for a moment.

Professor Xavier explains to Binary that now Rogue is under his protection. For Professor Xavier it is enough that she has repented her actions. He presents Rogue as the newest member of the X-Men. Binary shows to Rogue that she is Carol Danvers and that now she can destroy her. Storm and the X-Men say that they will leave if Rogue stays. Professor Xavier reminds them that they don't pick and choose who they help. They did accept Wolverine despite his very violent nature. The X-Men understand and are willing to give Rogue a chance.

Binary leaves the X-Men.jpg

Carol Danvers is not so forgiving. She understands Professor Xavier decision, but that is as far as she goes. Rogue destroyed her life, her soul. She has nothing to lose. Like I thought, she never made any real ties with the X-Men, she is not one of them. Her decision to leave is an easy one.

Storm still must think of her decision. She is torn, knowing that this decision will forever change her.

Binary faces many goodbye in this issue. She says goodbye to her parents, parents that she barley has any feelings towards. And goodbye to the X-Men. Just like the Avengers, the X-Men have betrayed her. Is it any less bad? I am not sure. The X-Men accept Rogue as their member. Rogue who has stolen Carol Danvers. Her powers, her memories, her feelings. Though Professor Xavier managed to repair some of her memories, she has no feelings towards those memories. She is a different person. She also has no ties to the X-Men. As a wounded person, their help did not evolve into anything else. Now at their betrayal she decides to leave. Forgiveness is not always possible and that is understandable.

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