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I have always tried to stay out of the political Rat Race but it is getting more and more difficult to distance myself from it. If you look back on the past 3 years, USA has taken a turn for the worse.


What I have witnessed over the past 3 years is really concerning. Lets start with fact that it doesn't matter if you are on the left or the right, respect is no longer in the equation. America has been allowed to say, act, do and speak how ever they want with no regards to what they have said or done. This is wrong in every aspect. We have no accountability anymore.


We have lost the way, fallen off the yellow brick road and are heading stright down the black hole. You see that picture right above is of bad guys, or atleast that is what is trying to be forcibly perceived. We throw water on them, we mock them, we make fun of them, we assault them and even have murdered them. These are that same people that we call when we need help, when some breaks in to our home, or assault us or even murder someone we know.

So here we are in a shit storm that we started, that we fueled, that we partake in. Who knows whats real or fake, who knows whos right, who really even gives shit. Deep down all of us no how to act and respect one another and the authority that has been elected and hired to protect the country.

You have the God given right to feel how ever you want, to think how ever you want but the level of disrespect that runs rampant in this country has to stop


One of the better things about America is the Election Process. You can vote for whomever you wish and every vote counts. Lets talk about 2020. See It is quickly becoming a disaster, I'll explain. You see you got the left (Democrats)and the right (Republicans) for some ungodly reason the 2 can't seem to work together. This is the great divide. The far left seem to think that if they are not in office then the world will end. The far right seems to think that the left is what is destroying this country. One thing is for sure one of the 2 parties will win the presidential seat for 2020.


So here is my predictions for 2020 presidential race .

  • If the Democratic Party is not able to have a strong Candidate to run, which they are struggling right now. If the election was today the Right would win again. This being said if they find themselves in a position that they wont win they will iniate a Stock Market Crash with a recession to follow. (Can they do this, absolutely they can) all of your major players in the Markets are part of or support the democratic party.

  • If the Democratic party can find a strong runner and manage to get back in the presidential seat, then you will see mass money printing and uncontrollable spending, you will see big bail outs on companys that cant figure out how to survive on their own. All of this will cause a Monetary issue with other countries which will result in a currency war, which will cause a deep recession to happen.

So basically you can see by my predictions that shit ain't looking good for us no matter who wins. My personal belief is this, we will see a recession with 6 to 18 months, one could be self inflicted or one will be inflicted by other countries, either way, we are in for some hard times.

Best advice I can give you is this, invest out of paper fiat, at this point it doesnt matter what just make sure that it carries value.

Always keep Gold and Silver in mind, they both always perform well in economic hard times.

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