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What you value, how you retire

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Hi friends,

If you read a few of my posts like: ultimate guide to retire rich you might find articles like Levels of financial freedom very boring. If that's you do not think twice and keep on reading. If you already reach financial freedom and you are pretty much deciding how to spent that egg next read that article carefully.

To be completely honest I won't even take myself that serious and I have a few reasons that suggest so:

  • First this post is on steemit and not on Forbes
  • I am not close to financial freedom, in fact I do not have enough experience and given that I'm 31 years old you might wonder now what do I have to say regarding financial freedom.
  • I will tell you the truth and will not sell you any book, get rich quick scheme or get you into the entrepreneurship trend.

What do I know right now?
There is no many different way that can get you to a financial status that will fit your requirements for the standard of living. That part standard of living and whether you are willing to pair it down or not will for sure affect the money required to sustain that lifestyle and also for how many years.
Another thing is that it is different where you value luxuries or you rather be in a simple yet peaceful place where you can enjoy a good read, and the fact that it can be used book, brand new or maybe the discount version of it in a kindle is also how far you can get with the same money.

To have a different and kind of extreme version of the spectrum Rob Greenfield shows us in this Exploring alternatives interview how he has chosen the simplest way of making a living and be able to live with it.

This for sure is not the easiest way to be financial independent but it really caught my attention how really being financially independent can also be a state of mind as also when you read the Forbes article you can see that working from home can be a huge deal for certain people, I believe the author was trying to refer to what they value is what is the most important not really money related.

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