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Journal: From idea to project, the coder log


5 months agoBusy4 min read

This is the journal of a project that I would like to start in my spare time. In this project I will take some time to explain what are the common tasks a developer will probably have to go through from an idea to a final product. For educational purposes I will not rush the learning process and the development of the project. Each journal entry will pretty much add something to the project in increments and small pieces of software will be added on.
As a QA automation engineer and passionate developer I would like to build this project from scratch and slowly add all those different tools and services that most projects use sooner or later.
For now I will just start by explaining the idea of the project and how I'm envisioning this to be.

A tremor and earthquake tracking bot

So many times we think that bots are bad and specially here in steem where bots are quickly related with the upvote or pay for upvotes scheme which certainly is not the only usage of the term. A bot is a script or daemon or background service that pops up every once in a while in a very similar cron job or scheduled job. The idea behind of it is a piece of software that runs without human interaction pretty much doing repetitive tasks in order to ease the analysis, retrieval or execution of tasks.

If you visit this tremor tracking site that gets populated by seismic stations that probably use bots or scripts to send out small packages of data once the sensors manage to get something. I want to start collecting this data in a DB that will also help me generate an automatic steem post with some data and ideally a map image and I also want to learn to do a heat map with the previous tremors according their magnitude.

Another feature I would like to do is a image analysis ideally to compare images and know when an eruption happened. I will be grabbing a picture of the active volcano from the crater webcam and I will start by grabbing a baseline image every hour and what I would like to do is that if the image I grab differs from the baseline image by X factor will then grab another picture Y seconds later and try to detect an eruption. The institution in charge of tacking volcanoes usually posts a youtube video from a sequence of the eruption which I intend to share here in steemit.

Thats roughly my idea and anyone could possibly do it but I'm currently thinking to create a journal of the process and all the required tools and resources used to come up with a final product. For now I'm just thinking on using a version control system like git and a service like github to track code changes. I still need to decide which language to use and so far I think either Ruby or Python will be my target languages so I can exercise my brain on those languages which I'm not currently using in any active project.

Day 1

Decided to explain the reason of the post and the start of the series. Starting from scratch and going beyond most code sharing and project sharing articles I would like to start by defining the project itself by adding details to the project goals, milestones and how the project will slowly evolve into something that hopefully will be a final product and more important a source of knowledge for the tools, resources and costs associated with a software project that often are ignored or not really visible.


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