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Journal: Day 2 setting up most of the things I will probably do

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6 months agoBusy2 min read

Started to create a new repo for the project. I called this project geoactivitycr given that the idea is to track tremors, earthquakes and volcanic activity.
I'm currently thinking what are the next things I would like to have set up to keep on working. As a QA the first thing that is jumping in my head is the need of documentation, tests and hopefully proof the right way to implement a TDD approach on a project.
TDD is the acronym for test driven development and it just not helps to test the code but more importantly to test and guide the development and make sure: not only that you are building the thing right but also the right thing. It is very common for us developers and coders to start by adding lots of extra stuff to make it perfect or the way we want it but most of the time it is not what the client needed or expected and that is why TDD is a key approach to reduce the amount of undesired stuff added to the project and also useless functionality that no one asked for. I'll be playing the role of a QA and also developer, this means I will have to focus on coding just what I document and expect and nothing else.
I hope to write a few acceptance tests as soon as possible so it will start making the project a bit more what I would like to have as a final product.


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