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November 7 Biz Net Sparks Luncheon Highlights (14-18, of 18) — Winnipeg


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Highlights of the Nov 7 Biz Net Sparks hashtag#business hashtag#networking luncheon in hashtag#Winnipeg! Highlights (14-18, of 18) 14) Del Duffield 15) Kim Parke 16) Karen Kummen Diak 17) Catherine Augustine 18) Sharon Evans. The Biz Net Sparks logo & Certificates of Appreciation for featured speakers were designed by Orli Gelfat, principal designer at—& owner of—Orli G Design. Contact Orli to design something awesome for you! We are immensely grateful for the ongoing sponsorship of our events by Jason Wieler, the web traffic increasing expert at—& owner of—Lightray Marketing. Contact Jason to help you get more high quality people & organizations to do business with by driving more targeted, relevant traffic to your website! Biz Net Sparks holds business networking events every second Thursday in Winnipeg. 'Like' the Biz Net Sparks Facebook page to learn about past & future events — Join us at our next luncheon, November 21! Details will be posted soon. Here's a link to information about the November 7 luncheon —


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