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3 Year Steem Anniversary - Lets Work Three Times Harder to List Steem on Coinbase


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N.B. People who only want to read the numbers of votes for steem to be listed on Coinbase, please fast forward to section three titled Steem Growth and Adoption.

Happy Third Birthday Steem

Today is the three year anniversary of the birth of the steem blockchain. Through many ups and downs, and some hiccups along the way, we've finally reached a point where it can be said that steem blockchain is growing up.

If we follow this analogy equating steem to an adolescent - after all we're still in beta - it is clear that blockchain time runs more in cat or dog years than in human. Look at how much has been achieved in three short years since the Steem blockchain officially launched and produced its first block on March 24, 2016.

  • Twenty hardforks have happened since was launched as an MVP (minimum viable product) in early 2016.

  • The functions we take for granted, like follows and resteems, were implimented within the first 18 months of operations.

  • HF20, although controversial in the resource credit system which limits new users and minnows, has paved the way for essential changes and stopped the proliferation of 'spam for vote' behavior.

  • Steem blockchain development has led the way in producing Dapps with real utility. Proven by the fact that steem dapps hold first and second place rankings in,as well as listing 10 dapps in the top twenty. Not bad going for a single blockchain.

There is probably a list as long as my arm of other facts about the developments that have happened over the last three years of steem blockchain's life. I have only been on steem for 20 months and I'm not a coder or a developer. My knowledge lies in content creation, and more specifically writing and story telling.

So I'd like to tell a story about someone I met on steem early in my time here. His story shows how steem facilitates social change and tackles wealth inequality. To me, these types of story are essential for showing the power and benefit of the steem blockchain. It is also a good USP!


The Power of Steem for Social Change

In early 2017 when I first joined steem I became friends with a steemian from Venezuela called Marsella. We connected over a mutual passion for scuba diving. In my conversations with him I learned that he worked as a commercial diver inspecting the hulls of cargo ships for suspicious packages. It turned out that he was being paid around $12/day, for a job which commands at least £30000-£40000 yearly salary in the UK.

Marsella blogged/vlogged daily about his dives. Although they didn't contain the most exceptional footage or well articulated stories, each held little gems of wisdom or insights into procedure which I found interesting as a diver. His blogs and experience held value, to me at least.

What really kept me coming back to his blog though was the conversations we had (using google translate) in the comments section. The way that steem empowers people from very different backgrounds to connect and help each other, is something truely unique, and it's as easy as clicking a mouse button.

I and many other people supported Marsella with our votes, mainly minnows. During the build up to the market peak this equated to between $2 - $6 on most of his blogs. So over the course of a week he was making on average around 2-3 times more than his weekly salary.

Later he found further support from a dolphin and started sharing posts about how him and his wife were taking food and other supplies out to poverty stricken rural communities in Venezuela. Him and his family lived in poverty themselves, but as soon as things improved for them they gave back without even thinking about it. This is the power of steem to effect social change and it's stories like these that are most likely to bring global mainstream media coverage for steem.

But I digress, the last story I heard from marsella before he took a break from steem was that his wife was pregnant. He told me that they had managed to cobble together enough money from steem for him to buy the building supplies to extend a room in his house. Steem literally helped this man to care for his new baby daughter and it fed his family at times when he didn't get any diving work.

These fundamental improvements that steem has helped bring about in this mans life should not be underestimated. His story mirrors many other peoples I have seen on steem. People who are able to alleviate the struggles of poverty through steem blockchain. There is no other blockchain project that has achieved this in empowering people to help themselves so profoundly through content creation. This is the greatest success of our blockchain.


Steem Growth and Adoption

I believe in my statements above about steem's most powerful quality being to do with social change.

I also know that we need growth and businesses to stimulate an economy that can continue to support that social change.

This is part of the reason why I'm writing my third post in two days about the twitter marketing campaign to get steem listed on coinbase. How amazing would it be if that was to be steem's third birthday present

But seriously, I urge everyone to get on the tweet from Brian Armstrong and comment '#steem to should be listed on coinbase'.

Here is the link:

I'm one of the people involved in spearheading this campaign and it has astounded me to see how many people have responded already! It is amazing to see the commitment and dedication of the steem community. But we're not winning yet.

I spent an hour late last night counting the votes, while trying my best not double count people who posted more than once, and it is now extremely close.

Here are the numbers (accurate as of 1am 24/03/2019).

  • There are 298 votes total

  • 84 votes for steem

  • 126 votes for other cryptos

But unfortunately out of those 126

  • 88 are for digibyte

Steem is only four behind the digibyte support posts. Which means we really need a final strong push to secure the listing. It is worth throwing everything we've got at this as a community. A listing on coinbase would boost our reputation and show the world that they can't ignore all the development on steem any longer.

I messaged @andrarchy yesterday morning on discord with some questions and suggestions about this, so hopefully he'll get back to me.

The simple fact is that at this point the Whales and Orcas need to join us in tweeting to increase our chances with this opportunity.

Thanks in part to my original promotional post offering vote rewards, but mainly because of @theycallmedan's awesome call to arms post where he offered his much heftier vote as reward 😉 we have had a huge response from reddfish, minnows and dolphins. @runicar has also joined in the promotional drive with his post encouraging people to jump on the tweet thread and comment #steem to be listed.

Due to these efforts, the lower/middle classes (for want of a better term) of the steem community have responded in numbers, pushing steem up to the point where it's only 4 votes behind digibyte. Also, I must be fair and mention that 5 or 6 witnesses have joined the campaign with their tweets as well the last time I checked the thread.

But there are one hundred top witnesses listed on steem, many of whom hold a high stake. There are also whales who tend to take a back seat due to being development focused or having their stake tied up delegating for passive income. They all stand to potentially gain a lot from a steem listing on coinbase, especially if/when the market turns around and the assets listed on coinbase see increased volume.

Demand drives price, and a listing on coinbase makes it so much easier for people to buy and trade steem.

It will be great if everyone follows the example set by those who have already taken action in supporting this marketing drive. A two or three minute comment on Brian Armstrong's tweet is all it will take for the witnesses, whales and Orcas who haven't commented to push steem above digibyte, and potentially win us a listing on coinbase.

Thanks you for reading and happy three year Steem anniversary to everyone 🙂

All images used in this post are creative commons licence, sourced from Those that have been changed were edited by me using GIMP (free open source) photo editing software. Please follow links 1 2 3 & 4 to attribute. If you have enjoyed this reading this promotional post, you can check out similar work on my homepage @raj808. Thank you.




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