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Pleasure & Pain, Go Ahead & Rain


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Hello to anyone that may travel this way.

I am here simply to express my interest in the Dhamma, the teachings of Sakyamuni, better known as Gotama Buddha, or just the Buddha. It has been at least 20 years since first picking up a book on basic Buddhism, and at least 10 years that I've been hardcore with what Sakyamuni (the Sage of Sakya) had to say.

While I stay low-key with expressing his teachings in my day-to-day life, I silently put them into practice each day. I live by them. As a result, life's bewilderments are no longer such -no more chaos. Clarity has risen. I have experienced the peace that lies somewhere between the extremes of pleasure and pain. I seek no longer.

This description though, comes no where near any sort of insightful explanation or understanding of that peaceful place. It must be experienced to be known. Those that have experienced, even glimpsed, understand. Those that haven't, seem to doubt. Regardless, what a wonderful place the world has become!

I plan on using this space regularly to express my understanding and satisfaction of these deep teachings, referring to the earliest texts, as lost or diluted as they may be. They are worth the effort; the effort required to unearth their treasures. Their guidance in this samsaric and conditioned world, to me, is unequaled.

"Having broken my bonds, like a great bull, like a great elephant tearing out a rotting vine, I never again will lie in the womb: So if you want rain-god, go ahead and rain."

-Buddha, Sutta Nipata 1:2, In conversation with Dhaniya the Cattleman.



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