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SWALLOWED WHOLE! The Graphic is complete, and we have our show dates.


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Swallowed Whole tw.jpg

It's done! And without much time to spare. The text is being applied digitally today, and the programs are going to be processed. Relief!!

My cast seems happy now, so that's amazing. And, at the end of this month, we're going to start an auction for this in the fundraiser. My next order of business is going to be to try to finish the Dead Body prop so that it can come with us for the Fundraiser. I think it'll be a nice touch.

And we have our show dates! They are as follows:

79 St George St, Toronto.

Fri 5th Jul 8:15 pm 60 mins $11.00
Sun 7th Jul 1:15 pm 60 mins $11.00
Mon 8th Jul 6:00 pm 60 mins $11.00
Wed 10th Jul 10:30 pm 60 mins $11.00
Thu 11th Jul 5:00 pm 60 mins $11.00
Sat 13th Jul 6:45 pm 60 mins $11.00
Sun 14th Jul 8:00 pm 60 mins $11.00

You heard it from me first! So, if you're reading this, and you happen to be in Toronto, at least for the duration of the Fringe Festival, come see our show! It'll be well worth all of your $11.

I had to rush through this piece for the most part, so there aren't many progress shots. Here's what I have, anyway!

Swallowed Whole Graphic 1.jpg

Swallowed Whole Graphic 1.1.jpg

Swallowed Whole Graphic 1.2.jpg

And now, I have to go take my cat for her follow-up shots appointment. Woot woot.

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