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The Daily Qurator #702


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Welcome to the 702nd Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


North American Friday: Plaza Vieja In Havana, Cuba

My favourite part of Havana was local Centro Habana with its beautiful houses left falling apart. In Habana Vieja, the houses have been restored, but on the main streets, it is only a tourist destination with no local life now.

What a great place to visit if you ever travel to Cuba! I bet there's some awesome shops, cafes and other businesses a tourist could visit here!


Some Of My Collection Of Traditional And Digital Art Instruction Books

Drawing is all about the ability to represent three-dimensional form onto the two-dimensional flat space of a sheet of paper, and about knowing the form of the subject one wants to draw. There is no other way to become good at it than by learning the art of drawing realistic human figures. This skill is what was required of us who wanted to enter the world of traditional animation, and these two were just some of the five that I had on the subject

@kryptik.tigrrr3d shares some of their drawing and illustration books with us in this post! See wjat their favorite resoures are to aide in their drawing abilities!


My Favourite Song “Smile When Your Heart Is Breaking

I wonder how many people walk in a shopping complex, and smile at the people passing by
To me it is like a game, and my husband says it is hard to go with me as everyone wants to talk to me

Do you ever play this type of game in your head too? People watch then make up a story about that person? Even if someone is smiling, do you see sadness in their eyes?


Swans It Is For This Feathered Friday

For this #featheredfriday, a species that everyone can recognize: swans! We all have seen one, in the wild or in a a city park. But did you knew... that there are 6 different swan species in the world (seven, according to some authors)?

Is there anything more graceful than a swan as it floats and swims across water? @pardinus is sharing a recent photograph of one for their entry into the featheredfriday challenge.


Spiky's Restaurant

Today will be the grand opening of Spiky's Restaurant. Pinky and their whole friends helped and contributed to make it successful.
Spiky went near the entrance door, patiently waiting for their first customer. But it looks like no one wants to come in and try to taste their food

Oh no! Why can't Spiky get any customers into the restaurant? It's simple, really... Do you see the reason?

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