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The Daily Qurator #701


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Cover graphics by - @aaronleang


Welcome to the 701st Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


Understanding @actifit Tokens

Many people are confused about the 3 different @actifit tokens that are on the market right now. In this video I explain the difference between the 3 tokens (AFIT, AFIT S-E, AFITX), why they exist and the use cases for them.
Please feel free to hit me up if you need more explanation or have any other questions about @actifit or it's tokens

Many Qurites participate in @actifit and post daily with their recorded activity; but do you know what all the tokens mean? Well @moderndayhippie is here to explain!


Photos From The Beach

This post is an attempt to make a creative photography post for Creative Coin. Let me start by saying that I am not a photographer, I mostly use my camera to give visual references to whatever I might be talking about in a post. I was talking in discord chat about a few of the pictures that I had taken on the beach of Great Sand Bay, and it was suggested to me that I should try editing them to see how they would come out for creative photography

From driftwood to feathers along the Great Sand Bay, @amberyooper shares some great images from her recent stroll along the shoreline.


What If You Are Just Not In The Mood?

What happens if you are just not in the mood to do anything?
Ever had that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you are just not in the mood to do anything? You know you have to get out of bed to get to work, but you just don't feel like it. You snooze that alarm five times and then jump up to get yourself ready to go for work... usually in a record time

Ever have a day like this? You don;t want to do ANYTHING? See how @giantbear combats this and offers up a solution; and it's OK to have a day like this sometimes.


Splinterlands Goblin Mech Giveaway

Those crazy Goblin inventors are at it again. They've cobbled together an infernal death trap and powered it with Dark Energy Crystals. This fearsome machine is held together mostly with dental floss and duct tape. The only question, is this contraption deadlier for the monster facing it or the poor goblin forced to drive it?

Goblins? What's that! @gregory-f gives a little information about this mech card and how it plays into your Splinterlands' success!


The Slippery Slope Of Deception?

It is so much easier for a person to be tempted to deceive than to tell the hard truth, but relationships are built one truth at a time.
Children learn at a very young age to say, "I didn't do it, take it, or see it," to avoid chastening. The Bible says we all lie. You don't have to believe the Bible, but I challenge anyone to declare, "I never lied."

The truth can hurt sometimes, but isn't a little bit of hurt better than being deceived? That's what @wandrnrose7 shares in this post today.

@qurator does not explicitly or implicitly endorse third parties opinions or statements in the Daily Qurator. Any statements made in these posts are the author's and curator's own opinion.


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