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Qurator Tiers and Upvote Weights Update - 11/09/2018 - Did someone say birthday?


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For more information on how to join Qurator click HERE

Wowza! Can you believe it, Q is turning one in a few days! This weeks voting weights will be a little lower so that we can splurge a bit on upvotes once we hit 365 days and create a birthday post where members can get some extra upvotes on comments. Next week we will be back to normal with higher upvote weights.

Welcome to the Qurator Tiers update!

As a member of @qurator we already know you post original content and we fully support original quality content, especially from minnows. We send out daily upvotes to all our Qurites if they post, but if they show some participation or invest in @qurator we feel they deserve some better rewards from @qurator. That's where Tiers come in. Below you will find all the members of @qurator and their respective tiers.


Subscription Details:

We are currently accepting the Steem for the monthly subscriptions (a more detailed post will be featured this week).

Send Steem for Tier 1 and 2 to @qurator with this memo:

For Tier 1 : 0.8 Steem - memo SUB 1 OCT
For Tier 2 : 1.6 Steem - memo SUB 2 OCT

Paying in advance:

Multiply the fee for the Tier you want by the amount of months and send in one transfer:

  • for 3 months on T2: send 4.8 steem - memo: SUB 2 DEC
  • for 2 months on T1: send 1.6 steem - memo: SUB 1 NOV

Please remember to pay the subscription before the start of the month.


- Tier 1

Upvote 7 times a week on any @qurator posts with a minimum upvote of at least $0.03 OR pay 0.8 Steem per month subscription OR upvote enough @qurator/@qurator-tier-0 posts to reach a value of $0.21 for the week.

- Tier 2

Upvote 7 times a week on any @qurator posts with a minimum upvote of at least $0.05 OR pay the 1.6 Steem per month subscription OR upvote enough @qurator/@qurator-tier-0 posts to reach a value of $0.35 for the week.

What about all the members who don't have a $0.03 upvote yet?

We have not forgotten about our minnows and we will still be offering a higher tier if they choose to support Qurator.

Upvote a minimum of 7 posts per week at 100% and still get placed in Tier 1 instead of Tier 0.

This way everyone has the option to go the upvote or subscription route for higher Tiers.

Everything else still stays the same, Tiers still stack with delegations and you can still access T1 and T2 for 100 and 200 SP delegations.

Note: You can stack to Tier 2 if your upvote is currently worth $0.03 (T1) and you pay the 1 steem (T1) ie: T1 + T1 = T2

New member bonus! UPGRADED TO T4!

Since new members pay the 4 Steem registration fee, we will be offering them T4 membership for a full month to enjoy upon registration. This should help them get some of the funds back from what they spent for the registration fee.


Qurator Delegation

If you want to support Qurator more we suggest delegating or upvoting our Daily Qurator posts. This can be automated with Steemvoter (guide to set up a Steemvoter account HERE.

Delegation links:


After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your steemit NAME and Private Active Key to delegate. Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account!

What if I upvote and delegate?

YES, delegations and upvotes stack.

Example: Delegating 300SP and upvoting the Daily Qurator 7+ time a week ($0.05) will place you in a T5 membership slot.

When do we count the upvotes?

We count the upvotes on the posts of the past week every Monday at 12PM UTC time. If you swing by before then and get your 7 upvotes in you will secure your Tier for the upcoming Tier update.

Current Tiers with their Upvote Weight and Upvote Worth

We currently have a total of 139.5K (+5.3K) Steem Power.

@qurator - 104.4K
@qurator-tier-1-2 - 31.1K
@qurator-tier-0 - 4K



Elite Tiers



Calculated at current voting power via with Median STEEM price at $0.78 (DOWN 20.41% from last week)

@qurator - 84%
@qurator-tier-1-2 - 92%
@qurator-tier-0 - 96%


Qurator Selfvote

Our account is now big enough that a selfvote will make a big difference in the long run. Most of our profits go towards leases and our members. With our selfvote and we can show extra support later on to all our members. We will do the upvotes near the end of our post payout to ensure all our members upvoting us will get some extra curation in. ;)


All Tiers and their respective members.

Diamond - TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 5000SP to @qurator51%

@azircon @bitrocker2020 @krnel @nomad-magus @organduo @laputis

Platinum - TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 2500SP to @qurator21.25%


Gold - TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 2000SP to @qurator17%

@arunava @gregory-f @maverickfoo @valth

Silver - TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 1500SP to @qurator12.75%

@brumest @ewkaw @gmichelbkk @stresskiller @oleg326756

Copper - TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 1000SP to @qurator8.5%

@bigtom13 @buzzbeergeek @cryptastic @djlethalskillz @hooiyewlim @khimgoh @nolasco @orcheva @superoo7 @tftproject @txatxy @zord189 @ackhoo @scrooger @blacklux @goldendawne @boontjie

TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 500SP+ to @qurator4.25%

@alimamasstory @axeman @barbara-orenya @bearone @boddhisattva @bxlphabet @catwomanteresa @cave-man @costanza @dalz @dandays @danielwong @davidkain @dejan.vuckovic @djynn @dynamicrypto @fiftysixnorth @foovler @future24 @gadrian @giantbear @gingerninja @glennolua @iliasdiamantis @jeffjagoe @jmjolivet @jongolson @joythewanderer @jpphotography @jrvacation @kryzsec @legendchew @lightcaptured @livinguktaiwan @maarnio @mariannewest @melinda010100 @monochromes @nairadaddy @newageinv @nickychu @oizaguirres @papilloncharity @phelimint @quochuy @r00sj3 @ralleur @rarebooksleuth @revisesociology @sandalphon @sulev @sumatranate @svashta @swedishdragon @tussar11 @vallesleoruther @vimukthi @vipnata

TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 400SP to @qurator3%

@alexanderfluke @alexicp @annaabi @anroja @calebleejl @coldsteem @crosheille @cryptoyzzy @dimitrisp @dmytrokorol @fitinfun @fronttowardenemy @heyitshaas @indigoocean @johnycrypto @jonnyla08 @jrb450 @latino.romano @morahn @natubat @prechyrukky @reonlouw @sanderjansenart @shawkr13 @steemkitchen @svinsent @tattoodjay @thelastpoet @walkinharmony @watersnake101 @whatisnew @world-travel-pro @livinguktaiwan @maarnio @mariannewest @melinda010100 @monochromes @nairadaddy @newageinv @nickychu @oizaguirres @papilloncharity @phelimint @quochuy @r00sj3 @ralleur @rarebooksleuth @revisesociology @sandalphon @sulev @sumatranate @svashta @swedishdragon @tussar11 @vallesleoruther @vimukthi

TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 300SP to @qurator2.25%

@ablaze @aiyumi @alvinauh @amalinavia @bengy @bigotemaifriend @biti @bluerthangreen @bonesumpal @canadianrenegade @danmaruschak @drumoperator @eto-ka @felipejoys @happycrazycon @happymoneyman @ileana56 @jlordc @jman27 @joshbillings @kimzwarch @kona @liberyworms @luigi-the-gnome @marekwojciakcom @melooo182 @minimining @narchuk @nelinoeva @ntowl @omg-is-biology @pedroelec @planosdeunacasa @prostosun @qustodian @raserrano @retro-room @rosatravels @sagescrub @seanytan @seckorama @sidequest @spaceginger @starjewel @themonkeyzuelans @wizardave @ykdesign

TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 200SP to Qurator or Upvote The Daily Qurator 7+ times a week ($0.05)2.7% (@qurator-tier-1-2)

@aaronli @abh12345 @adrianv @ajaxalot @ana-maria @andywong31 @anise @bala41288 @barge @bdmomuae @beautifulbullies @blockurator @brimax @bringolo @cizzo @cobmaximus @codingdefined @crittercrats @crokkon @culgin @cyemela @dandalion @datascience @davedavis91 @davemccoy @dcardozo25 @debart @deltasteem @derekkind @d-pend @dresden @ehisoria @eikejanssen @elizacheng @ellievallie @ethandsmith @felander @felobtc @freewritehouse @ftlob @gabriellecd @ganeshsahu @gansekirock @gillianpearce @gokhan83kurt @haphazard-hstead @holger80 @holoz0r @iamjadeline @inici-arte @investfourmore @itchyfeetdonica @jarvie @jny.untraveled @joanstewart @joechiappetta @joelsegovia @jonyoudyer @jusipassetti @kaliju @karinxxl @kiwibot @leyargoz @lyubovbar @magicmonk @mcfarhat @merryslamb @michellecarter @mizapizza @mtnmeadowmomma @nenio @offoodandart @orlandumike @oscarps @outrayjust @pathforger @pearica @photofriend @raj808 @ratel @ribalinux @richi0927 @rishi556 @ronaldoavelino @rye05 @samprock @schmidthappens @seandeanayao @shadowspub @shebe @simnrodrguez @simplymike @sinochip @sisygoboom @slobberchops @ssimkins9 @stahlberg @steemiteducation @steemitph @stevelivingston @supersoju @tanvirrahman @thedailysneak @themarkymark @theregularguy @thereikiforest @toocurious @torico @travelling-two @travelshots @tvlee @tyedyefirepower @verhp11 @wandrnrose7 @waybeyondpadthai @yasu24

TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Delegate 100SP to @qurator or Upvote The Daily Qurator 7+ times a week ($0.03)1.35% (@qurator-tier-1-2)

@abmakko @aceace @acedawnmusic @aceofthegrove @adam-aj @ady-was-here @africanherbman @ajmaln @albertvhons @albuluhi @alexkorolart @ally22 @amuchtar @anacristinasilva @anarchojeweler @andhovesyan @annemariemay @anotsopopularkid @anthemius @antoniojmp @appleskie @a-quarius @armshippie @arrliinn @asgarth @asherlee @asianetwork @assasin @atikahnoh @baa.steemit @basristeemit @bboyady @beachhermit @bhoa @biriki3 @biuiam @bmj @bokeh @booster916 @braveheart29 @bushkill @bwar @byn @c0ff33a @caab @cadawg @caitycat @callmefib3r @capatazche @catweasel @charlesmackenzie @chrismccron @christosthegreek @clubfungus @clweeks @colovhis @creativesoul @creatovert @criptonotas @crisangel @curiosit @cutyusra @darrylnyk @davinsh @davor27 @dayatsiaulia @deadgrlsuppastar @denion @derosnec @digitalis @digitalmind @dxn @edpico @edthecanadian @eduardonarvaez @effofex @elena1987 @elseleth @em3 @entrepreneur916 @erikaflynn @evan.geber @eztechwin @f3nix @fadli79 @fates @febbiefull @fiveelements5 @flashfiction @foodphotoblog @for91days @forkonti @fr3eze @fractal-team @francuzzz @freyman @funnystuff @g10a @gamersnews @gamsam @gardeniazz @gdwcoins @geekorner @giemijares @gina2017 @girlinchief @goodnode @green07 @guchtere @haedre @hafiz34 @halleyleow @happydaddyfr @herimukti @hoosain @hopfarmnc @iamkuyaj @iamunframed @imamalkimas @imdazu @inspire1 @inspiredgideon1 @iotman @iqbalhood @irenett @irmadayanti @ironshield @isa93 @itsben @ivimipa @jacobkaled @jaichai @janicechua @jaydinigo87 @jctdesign @jerrytsuseer @jfolkmann @jiashin @jist @joeliew @johnvibes @jonpetrich @jorgeddln @jraysteem @juliannna @julieo @jun04035 @justaboutart @just-smile @kaerpediem @kazish @kbarrett @kennyroy @kimaben @kimmy95 @kinakomochi @kiokizz @klborillo @klea @klynic @kneelyrac @kobusu @komiya-encore @korinkrafting @kovatelj @kyrios @lantracy @leeart @leonid96 @lexikon082 @lhyn @liberviarum @lil4a @littlenewthings @liverehab @lizelle @lmir1965 @lord-faustus @lourdeshd6 @lrastriker @lturner @lukaluci @lyxng @maane @macrophotography @maeusenews @majes.tytyty @majorx3thom @malloryblythe @mamadini @marcoriccardi @margaritaradkova @mariachan @matriks77 @maxabit @maxg @maxyong @meincluyo @michaelizer @michellpiala @millennia @mjo @moderndayhippie @monoarc @monocat @mountainwashere @mslifesteem @mstafford @musicapoetica @mutitum @mydivathings @n4zriofficial @nathenial @naturelife @nazarul @nicanor-mosquera @nikema @nm007 @not-a-bird @notannov @oleg5430 @omra-sky @pandorasbox @pathtosuccess @pechichemena @penjahit @penston @phedizzle @phgnomo @photolander @pibyk @pingcess @piotrgrafik @pipiczech @pipo092281 @plantstoplanks @ponpase @poodai @prch @prince-evans @prudent-rod1 @psicoparedes @pundito @rachmaddarmawan @rahul.stan @rahulsaini @randypike @randyw @raymondbruce @rebelheart @reconstitution @rezoanulvibes @richeros @riovanes @ritxi @rolf.bakker @ryoplasmic @sailor01 @salvao @sames @samve @sassylori @sauronbey @shai-hulud @sharaine @shawndove @sherylneil @shikika @shimster @shine.wong @silviagoh @siucatti @smylie2005 @snurk @sol25 @soroka74 @stav-cohen @steemflow @stepnoysuslik @stranniksenya @styleyfrancky @svein @symonp @takeru255 @tanisha786 @tatdt @tentalavera @teutonium @thalmaray @thecuteitalian @theleapingkoala @theunion @thiscrazylife @tinoschloegl @tlthornes @tobetada @tonie @tripdespider @truthtellerhere @turtledancedaily @veenang @veraschu @veta-less @virgo27 @vtravels @waiyee422 @wanderwithtwo @whitehoune @whynotas @wilfredn @williamsyee @winniex @wondersofnature @woodermax @worldfinances @xyzashu @youhavewings @yulem @zaicarmel06 @zararina @zeppelin @zlata777

Note: Tier 0 members could earn a lot more by showing @qurator support by upvoting the Daily Qurator. Have a look at Tier 2 weights compared to T0. That's almost quadruple the Upvote Worth.

TIERRequirementsCurrent upvote Weight
Basic 4 STEEM registration fee. Basic upvote for life from @qurator.2% (@qurator-tier-0)

@aamaksal @aaronleang @abduhawab @abhildev @achim03 @acromott @adam.tran @adamada @adi.pisces @adly.jailani @adonisabril @adrianobalan @adversus @afifa @afrosiab @agememnon @aghunter @ahlawat @ahmadfajrianda @aimeeonalimb @ainie.kashif @aka-alias @alannapendragon @albertjester @alemars16 @alender @alenthin @alexdory @alexisvalera @allforthegood @allyinspirit @alol @altdelay @amberyooper @ami92 @amitsharma @amri @amrumk @amymya @anandhh @ananuaremere @anariggie @andrewgenaille @andrewtcy @andrijana @andybrandy @andyjim @andzi76 @angelbless @angelgarz @angelro @angelveselinov @anjkara @ankapolo @anna-mi @anouk.nox @ansonoxy @apanamamama @apsu @arabsteem @arbitrarykitten @arnelarcenal @artbyclark @arthurgain @artistchristian @artizm @artjohn @arturomdg @artzanolino @as31 @aschatria @ashrayn @ashwinrajt @astraeir @asyrafahamed @atmemestable @atopy @auleo @aussieninja @ausxen @authorofthings @avellana @avesa @axios @azen @azirgraff @azonneveld @badmusgreene @bahagia-arbi @basicstoliving @basileonardo @bawangmerah230 @beatitudes8 @beekerst @beeyou @beggars @begtodiffer @beleg @believeme @benleo @bennettitalia @bensimblog @berlin1997 @best-trip-eva @betterthanhome @beyondgoogling @bigbear @bigpanda @bil.prag @bipolar @birjudanak @birrulibmc @bitopia @blastik @bluebottlefilms @blue-dragon @bluntsmasha @bobiecayao @bobydimitrov @boobenchik @boyasyie @bozz @braaiboy @brandt @brexscoot @brianlewis @brianturner @brisby @btcnoodle @buckydurddle @buggedout @buildawhale @bunnychum @burkulese @buttcoins @byebyehamburgers @bypaul @caaat @cabalcoffers @cakphotography @calumam @calvinlee @camillius @canna-curate @captainklaus @captainobviou3 @carlosdaniel @castleberry @cathi-xx @cecirod1218 @cejero021 @certseek @cflclosers @charlottemind @chaseburnett @chetanpadliya @chireerocks @chrisdavidphoto @chrisroberts @cikxaijen @ckurtish @clixmoney @coinbelly @coinfarmer @colinbrazendale @cookiespooky @cookingwithzumi @cooknbake @coolguy123 @coquiunlimited @countrylife @craigahamilton @cranium @crescendoofpeace @criptomaster @crissimoes @critic-on @cryptkeeper17 @cryptoeater @cryptogrant @cryptopassion @cryptoprofessor @cryptorg @cryptospreads @cryptostache @cryptotaofficial @crystalize @cygon @cyres @cyrptoreports @daan @damnthatbanana @dandesign86 @daniel555 @danieldoughty @dannaxkana @danpaulson @dante01 @darmawanbuchari @darthnava @davedickeyyall @davidke20 @dawnsheree @dbooster @dbzfan4awhile @ddangerwu @d-drummer @ddschteinn @deaconlee @deborism @dedicatedguy @deeday31 @deerjay @deliciousplants @demostene @derangedvisions @derekcowan @devilonwheels @dianacatalina @dieterschneider @diffuseloop @dimitri0610 @dissgo @djmalith @dksart @dmcamera @donnymurph @donovanpage @doyanphotography @dpatcher @drakernoise @dranren @drdave @dreamzchm @dreemsteem @drewzshots @drmaizo @d-stepnoy @dswigle @dunstuff @duque @dysangcocey @d-zero @eaglespirit @earthnation @eco-alex @ecoinstant @edanya @efim-off @ejr @ekavieka @elevator09 @eliel @ella-kay @ellis.marell @emanuellindqvist @emdesan @emmacarson @emrebeyler @enazwahsdarb @enchantedspirit @energyaddict22 @enginewitty @enjar @eonwarped @epicdominic @ericet @erodedthoughts @esaia.mystic @escuetapamela @estherikott @etherealcreation @evangelinesp @evimeria @evlachsblog @ewuoso @exhige @exploreand @explorernations @eyeofthemind @fabio2614 @facger99 @fajar.perangin79 @fajarsdq @fakire1sadaka @fakj94 @fat-elvis @fatkat @fax4u @fesbukan @fiercewarrior @fisherck @fishyculture @flauwy @foodie.warrior @fourapril @fractalizer @frames @francispalo @freewheel @freshblock @frodo1977 @frost04 @fujaxxi @fukumineko @fun2learn @fundurian @funtraveller @fyntacie @gabriel.ncl @gabrielatravels @galberto @galotta @gardenbsquared @gazetagaleguia @geekpowered @generikat @getonthetrain @geuchik @gheghenrv @ghulammujtaba @gilangarif131294 @gleb-jeglov @globetrottergcc @goel.tarun @gogogadgetupvote @gohba.handcrafts @golddeejay @gorzelapiotr @gra @gresstyle @gretum @grimmyx @grow-pro @guangzhoulife @gulugu @hamzeto @hanggggbeeee @happyhousewife @harlot @harrisonmir @harshallele @harshameghadri @hartfloe @hazem91 @healthbasics @heart-to-heart @hefziba @heriadi @heroic15397 @hetty-rowan @heyitsjooo @hmushtaq @hokulor @homerus @honeychum @honolulu @honoru @hopehuggs @horpey @howtostartablog @hsynterkr @humanearl @hungrybanana @hungryhustle @hungry-nomad @hunterx3 @huslein.slash @hutossy @iamkunaning @iamrosallie @iamthegray @iebalgamge @ignacepelckmans @iipoh06 @ilt-yodith @ilyastarar @imaginationicon @imchriscjw @imjoker @imp.unity @imperfect-one @inalittlewhile @incrediblesnow @indayclara @infamousit @ingoda @inna-yatsuk @insideoutlet @intrepidphotos @intrepidsurfer @intuitivejakob @ionutciobanu @ipumba @iqbaladan @irastra @irelandscape @irishabstainer @isaganispeaks @itasteemit @itinerantartist @iwanderela @iwanttruth @iyanpol12 @jacinta.sevilla @jackdub @jamiz @jan.kretschmer @janna.bright @japhofin8or @jasmink @jasonmunapasee @jbn @jeaniepearl @jessalin @jessie901220 @jga @jmcmeekin @joannewong @joetravels @johannfrare @jokossita @jon24jon24 @jorgegp @jorlenbolivar @josejirafa @joseph1956 @josephsavage @journeyu @jovema @joyrobinson @jpgaltmiller @jsantana @jsf @jsock @jtthefoodie @julsmlz @junebride @junef @jungwatercolor @just2random @justgoscha @jznsamuel @kalam @kalemandra @kamalsaputra @kamilkowalski @kanoe @karencarrens @karenmckersie @karinzdailygrind @karlin @karolisp @katedansyng @katerinaramm @katteasis @katysavage @kchitrah @kedi @keephy @kelthuzzar @kemal13 @kemice @kewie @keyss @khairulmuammar @khenbee @kidsreturn @kieranstone @killerwhale @kingchuks @kingdavidharp @klen.civil @knowledges @kokuryo @koskl @krazypoet @kriptonoob @kristal24 @kryptocoin @kryptoraport @kuklamasha @kunrishartanto @kusatsuri @kusior @lacremo-it @lavidaesunviaje @laxam @lazamedved @lazyphotoshooter @learnguitar @lebron2016 @legrandkei @lemony-cricket @lenasveganliving @leonellaforever @lexiconical @lifecruiser @liltammy @lilyraabe @lindale @liquidtravel @lishu @livesustainably @lizzyb 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Thank you

Steem's price is not looking too hot, we did manage to get some more SP for our accounts so we hope that it can help out a bit while the price is so low. We are making adjustments to accommodate everyone and take care of our leases. The price wont get us down. We will continue steeming on and supporting our members as much as we can!

We finally passed 1500 members! Whoohoo! We adjusted new the new member bonus from T2 to T4 to show even more support to new members. Qurator is grateful and extremely proud of all of you awesome Qurites! We saw a massive increase of Steem Power this week, around 19K extra. We decreased the voting percentages a bit to recover some VP and make some extra room for the new members. =)

Your Quality Content Curator


The Qurator project is brought to you by:

@scrooger | @boontjie | @goldendawne | @ewkaw | @ackhoo | @brumest | @stresskiller | @blacklux

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