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Introducing the Qurator Token! Details inside!


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Welcome to Qurator’s token announcement!

Qurator and its team are proud to announce that our very own QuratorToken (Q) is going live! Thanks to @aggroed and Steem Engine for making this all possible.

This post will share details and examples of how the Token will work within the Steemit and Steem Engine ecosystem.

  1. Token Details
  2. Supply and distribution
  3. How to get QuratorToken



The QuratorToken will be used as a means of earning passive income by holding the token. Qurator is a curation project and thus we focus on curating original, interesting, and high-quality content. We believe that the QuratorToken will enable us to share some of the curation rewards with those who hold the QuratorToken and support the project.

Earn by Holding

Currently Qurator is averaging 22 SteemPower per day from curation (90-day average). With the token we aim to share 50% of our daily curation rewards with all the token holders. At launch we will have a total of 10 STEEM paid out daily to all token holders. Eventually this will be adjusted to the full 50%, once we do a few rounds of payouts and ensure that all is running smoothly. Payouts will be in STEEM and will be calculated according to how many tokens an account holds.

If Bob holds 20% of the tokens, Alice holds 30% and Sam holds 50%, then the payouts will look like this:

Bob: 2 STEEM/day
Alice: 3 STEEM/day
Sam: 5 STEEM/day

Thus, the more tokens you hold the larger your share of the daily payout. Having said this, there will be a limited number of tokens distributed per round. Round 1 will be 10,000 tokens, which means that if all 10,000 tokens are being held, then 1 token will earn payout of 0.001 STEEM per day. For now less than 5,000 tokens are held by Qurator's members, so the daily payouts amount to more than 0.002 STEEM per token. More tokens will only be issued once our curation over a 90-day period increases to 30 SP/day.

Later on we will have more features for our QuratorToken: pay for upvotes, larger @qurator upvotes for holding tokens and monthly subscriptions for bigger daily upvotes from the @qurator account.



There will only ever be a total of 100,000 QuratorTokens in existence. Only 10,000 tokens will be in circulation in Round 1. This will ensure that all members holding 1 or more tokens will be receiving at least 0.001 STEEM per day. Round 2 will be announced, only once our daily curation rewards have increased.


  • Team, server, consultation, coding = 1,500 Q
  • Marketing, airdrops, competition = 467 Q
  • Buyers and delegators = 6,000 Q
  • QBonds holders = 2,033 Q

QBonds was from a previous ICO project, all QBonds were converted to QuratorTokens at a 1:1 ratio.


3. How to get tokens.

Tokens can be bought or earned by delegating Steem Power to @qurator. There will also be a few airdrops and competitions in the near future, in which you can participate and win QuratorTokens.

Buying Tokens

Tokens can be bought by logging into Steem-Engine and searching for QuratorToken. A guide for buying tokens can be found HERE.

Tokens for Delegation

Delegators will receive daily payouts in tokens. Token payouts will be equivalent to 0.02 tokens for every 100 SP delegated.

We aim to get rid of paid leases, as most of our members are already delegating SP to @qurator for their daily upvotes. This might be a good move to “double dip” a bit and earn upvotes and tokens for your delegation!

We look forward to sharing our token and profits with the great Qurator members who have always shown us support.

Tokens and STEEM payouts will be distributed once per day. Those, who would like to earn some extra tokens, can share their thoughts on the tokens via a post or help us spread the word. Drop your links to posts in the comments below and expect some free tokens and upvotes!


Delegation links for @qurator


After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your Steemit NAME and Private Active Key to delegate.
Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account and that new delegations overwrites the old one. Always use the total amount you want to delegate.



Payouts are subject to @qurator's performance and weekly profits. Changes in Steem Price will affect the payouts and there may be fluctuations in payouts.. Payout amounts will vary from day to day, but @qurator will keep them as constant as possible. We have taken into consideration the many factors involved when dealing with cryptocurrency and will do everything in our power to keep risk as low as possible.


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