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Vote For STEEM Every Day In This Contest To Increase Its Value For Us ALL!


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Hopefully everyone of you here on STEEM cares about the future of this community. If so there is a great opportunity right now for US to participate and VOTE for STEEM to win a contest of which will get STEEM listed on NETCOINS!!!

This will increase the value of STEEM on many levels by making it more used, more respectable and more well known!

So follow THIS link and start the easy step by step process to vote ONCE every 24 hours for the next 4 days. Even if only 1/10 of us voted every day we would DOMINATE and win the listing!

Its up to us! So here is an easy step by step process just in case anyone is feeling dumb today.

First go to this contest link

Then put in your name and email, can be any valid name/email.

You can SKIP the nominate part as Steem is ALREADY nominated and in 3rd place!

Then scroll down to the VOTE section and click the VOTE tab!


GOOD JOB! Now you all be asked to confirm your email (thats why it has to be a valid one)


Now your done! You can vote once every 24 hours! Do it every day and WE WIN!


Its really that easy.....

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.56.52 PM.png

Remember to vote again in 24 hours....I WILL REMIND YOU!



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