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Top 10 Reasons Why The Future Of Food Is Indoors


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I have been a sustainable Permaculture food producer for over a decade and still love and believe in nature‘s ability to thrive and produce abundance.

With that being said I am now fully convinced that the future of high-quality food is indoors. Of course this is STILL nature yet its being almost completely and totally controlled by human intervention.

While the naturalist in me does not like this, it is unfortunately a result of the extreme pollution and destruction humans have created on earth and is now almost the only way to guarantee. Quality and abundant food production in many places on earth .

Now with that being said once it is "perfected" it could be far more efficient than what is even possible in a non destroyed eco system that we are currently facing. So in that sense crisis precipitates change and the change in the end could actually be better than before the crisis.

This is the divine dichotomy of life it self. So here we are!

I have compiled by no means every single reason, but 10 reasons of which make plenty of a strong case in and of them selves.


Temperature is a critical factor with every type of plant on earth some plants may be able to handle extreme heat and some pants maybe able to handle extreme cold but few plants can handle both, especially the plants which we cultivate specifically for food .

Most food sold at a grocery store coming from plants require specific temperature ranges for their growth cycle .

Indoor environment so the only way to completely control the temperature of plants and guarantee 365 day year growing cycles for maximum food production per space.

2. Water

Is one of the most important factors in any crop and not only is high-quality freshwater very hard to come by these days, but in outdoor crops much of it is wasted, even if available.

So not only are there few places on earth where you can get an abundance of freshwater that is not full of pollutions and contaminants, there is still often a huge amount of waste .

Indoor controlled environments allow a maximum efficiency of water. Any water that is not used simply is recycled and used again with essentially zero waste .

It is also an easy way to control the purity of the water as almost all freshwater including rain across the globe, is now toxic.

3. Disease

Not only do plants in the wild get exposed to diseases, but in large monocrop grow operations (which is almost all food on earth) there is high potential to wipe out an entire crop which can cost millions in losses.

On top of that, most corporate crops even organic ones are using many toxic chemicals for many different reasons which wind up in the food and have been linked to diseases in the regular consumer of these products.

4. Bugs

Bugs are a never ending problem for many if not all of crops and can sometimes devastate entire crops.
This in itself is not only a huge problem in light of the fact that all major corporate crops are using extremely toxic chemicals to kill/keep-away bugs which ultimately wind up in the food.

These chemicals have been linked to many health problems including deathly diseases.

5. Light

Is an essential part for all fruits and vegetables. Too much is too much and to little is too little.

Only in controlled environments can the perfect amount of light be continuously applied without fail.

6. Weeds

Weeds are a constant battle for any outdoor crop and requires either lots of manpower to physically remove and/or keep the weeds at bay or as in most large corporate crops, it all comes down to herbicides. Herbicides are extremely toxic chemicals which have been linked to cancer and many other deathly diseases.

Indoor crops very easily keep out all weeds with a strictly controlled environment of which outside nature has no access.

  1. Purity

Because there are so many toxins and pollutions on earth right now, it’s almost impossible to even find land that isn’t being exposed to some kind of toxic substance whether that be in the rain in the air in the stream water soil etc etc. Lots of foods now that are even grown with organic practices are still being subject to contamination from the earth around.

So as the world becomes more toxic and people begin to realize how important pure food is, the more necessary will be to be in controlled environments which is essentially going to have to be indoors.

8. Land

As more and more land it’s bought up, not only is it harder to come by, but more expensive.

Plus there is only certain types of land that are ideal or even can grow food, this land is even harder to come by. On top of there are certain types of crops which require certain types of land or more particularly types of soil.

To top it all off, unfortunately a lot of land is now either polluted and or in close proximity to the high pollution such as in proximity of factories or power plants or even next to Fields which are using GMO seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicide’s which ultimately wind of contaminating crops in proximity.

9. Seasons

Most countries on earth experience seasons and only a portion of the seasons are ideal for growing crops at all and definitely the majority of the most consumed crops on earth.

This means that there is only a window within each year that farms are able to grow certain crops or crops at all .

Every location on earth has seasons, even the tropical climates on the equator, where the temperature may not very that much. However the amount of sun and or rainfall often does. Thus still making some seasons more difficult, costly or not possible than others.

In conclusion:

I feel that this is already more than enough data to predict the future of food indoors. Not only as a necessity but ultimately in a much more reliable and efficient matter.

In some countries this is more important than others but do feel it will be the common trend more so every year around the world.

This article was inspired due to a new revolutionary company that is being formed through a merger due to 2 cutting edge companies coming to gather for next level success in this regards.

They currently have the most efficient high quality food production methods on earth and are not only growing food but medicine. This company is set to change the world and produce vast profits.

I have an inside connection to this and the opportunity for early investment resulting in 60% profits guaranteed just because buying in at inside cost. This is only available to people who are embodying revolution for humanities well being not just profits.

I made a whole post about it earlier HERE, if you feel the call.



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