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Quasar is not Just a Bunch of Components


10 months agoBusy3 min read

We have to set the record straight.


It seems a lot of people think that Quasar is just another collection of well-made, material-design-compliant components for vue.js  -  and although we do deliver bulletproof pieces that you can drop into your project and extend with other plugins like axios and vue-i18n, quasar is MUCH, MUCH more!!!

On our Discord server, we get asked this question a lot:

Should I make a quasar-cli app, take the UMD version or use it as a plugin with the vue-cli?

Quasar is all about solving the puzzle of the development experience. This means that most of the effort has been put into building a node.js based command-line-interface that considers all the needs of a modern dev.

For starters, it takes your project and renders a live development server with webpack. Whether you are making an SSR app, a PWA or even targeting Electron, it works tirelessly in the background to rebuild the project cache and hot-reload your browser / electron window / cordova emulator. It does this  while you are making changes to your code. You don't have to even reload the browser.

I am going to let that sink in for a moment.

When you are done working on the code and it comes time to build your app, Quasar will construct everything with the exact same appearance, but does a lot of things under the hood to streamline your project. For one thing, if you pay attention to what you are doing, an SSR & PWA app built with quasar-cli will make it possible for you to get that coveted 100% Lighthouse score. (Fun fact: not even the Lighthouse page at Google achieves 100%.)

You can leverage the awesome electron-builder to make picture-perfect desktop apps for all platforms (even with the super nice app logo instead of the stock Electron one). And of course if you want mobile apps in the stores, the Cordova build pipeline has you covered.

Did we mention that this is all from the same codebase?

No matter which target or targets your artefacts are built for, quasar-cli does tree-shaking of your imported modules. This not only reduces the size of the final asset collections, it also reduces the surface area for possible attackers. It helps the end-user's device to leverage lazy-loading so that assets are delivered as they are needed, not in one nail-biting and suspenseful initial load.

FAZIT: Suspense is nice in Hitchcock movies, but do you really want your users to think the words "dramatic and mysterious" while waiting for your page to load? Quasar takes the mystery out of web development  -  and saves you time too.

If you need more information about Quasar itself, here are a few links for your consideration:


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