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A slightly different SBI contest results #1


6 months agoSteemit

The problem of the last contest was:
x² = -1
The solution to this is not to hard, although it is still often teached in school that this has no solution:
x² = -1 | √

x = √-1
And that's mostly it. Now you just need to know that i is defined as:
i = √-1

x = i
There also are 2 other possible solutions which would need knowledge about quaternions(the 4d version of complex number with i, j and k):
x = j and x = k

The last two solutions are less popular and no one got that.
The first solution was chosen correctly by 2 people:
@heraclio and @ajayyy
So I put their names into a self-written random selector:
Screenshot from 2019-08-13 10-56-37.png
Congratulations @heraclio . You won one SBI:
Screenshot from 2019-08-13 11-07-42.png

The next contest will start tomorrow and will be slightly different.


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