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@blocktrades World Cup - A Song By My Nephew Dedicated to the World Cup Competition


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I wanted to join this contest hosted by @blocktrades. I even had some choices and made a list. But things got busy. So many problems, family and emotional. But that is life. By the time I realized it, it was already past the deadline. Well I hope I can join the #Knockout Stage. Good luck to all participants.


So I would like to share a music video my nephew wrote and made. He is fond of doing this, making impromptu music video. He is also asking my help to make it go viral. He is from the island of Boracay (well his family moved there).He even made the iconic song "Boracay" years ago and has been sung by many in Boracay. It is sort of like their anthem.

I forgot what year maybe 2014 or 2015 Sony hosted a contest for song writers all over to send in a short music video about the World Cup being hosted in Brazil (I hope he answers my pm before I finish this post), and he joined. There were 2 stages of elimination. There were thousands of entries and I am proud to say that he won. The winner was sent to Brazil to experience the championship games. Lucky him. At least he got me a key chain with the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer. Oh it was in 2014.

So here is his music video. Pls feel free to share if you like it. I thought that by sharing here on #steemit where there are thousands of members, it might get noticed.

Sorry I used the tags so maybe it will get seen. Feel free to share, help me make it go viral! Thanks so much.

Thank you!

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