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This Is How My Morning Walk With @dog-marley Looks Like


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

What a beautiful day today!! After weeks of really cold wind, rain and hail the sun came out and the wind vanished - yeah - it feels like summer instantly.
I really wanted to take my morning walk with my dog on the beach and we did so.

I was certainly not a week on the beach, because it is not nice to walk there with the wind. The sand flies in your eyes and in the mouth, which is very unpleasant. It feels like someone is pointing a sandblaster at you....not nice!

But yessss today is a beautiful day and you can have a look at how my morning walks on the beach look like.

I'm very lucky that I have @dog-marley my best buddy by my side and that we live right next to the beach.

The music in the video is my new track, which I built on a guitar track from @wav-dr

Enjoy the video! - especially if you can not see the ocean in real life so often.
For example, I like to watch videos of high mountains, because there are none here in the flat Netherlands and sometimes I really long for a hike in the mountains.

Thanks for visiting!! Much love..Psio❤️


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