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Blow! New Track + Visuals


11 months agoSteemit


This time I do it the other way around. First the video and later this week the track alone in better quality.
This is because I have been trying to master this track for days, but I am not satisfied.
If you concentrate on a track for days, the ears are tired and you can hardly objectively judge whether it sounds good.
So I'm going to take a break with this track and keep working on others because I have a lot of started projects;).

Nevertheless, I had the deep desire to introduce the track as it is now to the public, hoping to get some feedback in order to know what I can improve.

If anyone is out there watching my video, please leave me feedback;)

Video and music is produced in FL Studio by me :)

Please watch and enjoy the dancing wooden doll and hopefully the music as well.

Thanks for visiting!! Much love..Psio❤️


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