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Xaya : Setting New Standard's For Total Gaming Experience on the Blockchain


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Every age, climes and race has its storytelling form, but social gaming is a huge part of our culture which has transformed the way we compete, relax and associate with one another. Gone are the days when a single puzzle task is enough to send our brains into an active mode, but in this information age, task like that seems trivial and we tend to go with more complex task while we stay glued to our screen all day long, shutting out the windows to the outside world.

Evidently, we best compete, associate and derive fun through other means except having the company of one another. And one of the main method via which we maintain our social aptitude is through participation in social gaming : A derivable benefit of the increased knowledge and technological advancements.

Social gaming have come of age and it is well documented that a fair number of people live off participating in different gaming contest. However, only a few big players owns and control the social gaming space making it difficult for game developers to transition their concept into a market product due to a number of factors.


  • High Cost of hosting games

Inorder to sufficiently allow multiple users to access the game resources at the same time. Game files need to be hosted on a server of sufficient magnitude; which represent a huge cost outlay to a game developer. Without the capital outlay to cover this cost, the developer is left with the hard choice of abandoning the project selling the project or making third party agreements. All this are not viable options to build a cheap, completely ad-free game that gamers will enjoy.
  • Time Constraints

Obviously, building games on a new technology like the blockchain comes with an inherent problem due to No or low access of programmers to shared resources including development tools, utility tools and prebuilt libraries to facilitate the fast-blending of the game files. This consequently leads to delay in transition from idea conception to game development then to market product.
  • Inherent Blockchain Scalability issue

Apart from being a relatively new technology, most blockchain has the inherent problem of scalability making it unripe for mainstream adoption in many industries, social gaming inclusive. Part of this is due to the blockchain being able to process ONLY 2-7 transactions per seconds (tps); making it undesirable for real-time transactions. Xaya aims to improve on this.

However, there is room to solve all this issue with Xaya's innovative technology which offers game developers a chance to derive full benefits whilst hosting their game fully on the blockchain.


What Is XAYA


Xaya formerly Chimaera is a platform where game developers can easily develop rich and intricate virtual worlds which can be hosted in a decentralised manner, thereby removing the need for a server.

Xaya combines the use of practical and tested technology solution to meet the scalability needs of game development and hosting whilst providing developers with the tools to build fun, immersive games at low cost.

The Huntercoin experiment, launched in 2013 represents a random peep into the future of Xaya as it recorded as a huge success with over 35000 character interacting simultaneously in the game.

        huntercoin was the :

   * First decentralized massively multiplayer game
   * First game world built on the blockchain
   * First human mining permissible cryptocurrency
   * First multi algo currency

Backed by an experience team that have worked on the Namecoin experiment, the first altcoin, Xaya seeks to democratise game development and deployment for developers to transform their ideas quickly into a marketable product.

Xaya Solutions To The Numerous Game Development and Deployment Issue

  • Provably Fair Gameplay

This is simply an algorithm which can be analysed and verified for fairness of an outcome after a game has being played on the Xaya's platform. This removes the need for third-party verification and auditing of the gaming apps, thereby increasing gamers trust and loyalty in making use of the games in a fun and competitive way trustlessly.

This is enabled on the Xaya platform via the global game states attributes of such gaming app!

  • Decentralised and Autonomous Game Universe

[Xaya]( offers developers a varied option of building their gaming app autonomously on their platform namely
  • Decentralised blockchain
  • Xaya Off-chain Lobby
  • In Centralised Fashion

Game developers are also able to easily export game engine templates while Xaya ensure broad game engine compatibility for game developers and users.

  • Reliability and Stability

Gamers and game developers are guaranteed 24/7 uptime on the Xaya platform due to managing less load on the network. This is due to their innovative Game channels technology which provide an off chain gaming experience meaning that game moves and transactions are not recorded on the main blockchain thereby speeding up game interactions in real-time and improving the scalability of the whole Xaya platform.

Developers can easily build their own complex game on a scalable blockchain like Xaya !

  • Real-time Virtual Trading Platform

In this typical decentralised environment, players will have the full ownership of their virtual assets and also share from the profit sharing scheme as formulated by the game developer.

The Xaya platform has an in-built virtual item trading platform where users can easily exchange the value of their virtual item; as denominated in CHI-cryptocurrency or the native currency of the any autonomous game universe; into real monetary currency that is spendable or easily trade the CHI coin for such items.

This process is termed human mining where gamers acquire real monetary assets by playing games.

  • Cryptocurrency-driven Economy

In Xaya's expansive platform, game developers can easily build their own currency which can serve as the native currency of their independent autonomous universe.

However the CHI-currency which will serve as the base currency for all transactions and interactions within the Xaya ecosystem. So for Xaya to drive a high liquid economy, the CHI coin will be use as an utility token for

  • Account creation
  • Account transactions
  • Purchasing/renting game assets/accounts
  • CHI powered crowdsales
  • Coin transactions

  • Secure Social Networking

Deploying the blockchain helps the user to maintain complete anonymity while ensuring that their accounts are secure leaving little or no room for spammers to attack or phish user accounts within the ecosystem.

Key Technologies that makes the Xaya Platform Unique

  • Game Channels

Game channels is a concept that was borne out of the need to ensure the bitcoin blockchain processes transactions in real-time. Game channels are basically private side chain for making transactions and interactions in real-time albeit in an off-chain manner. Meaning that transactions are not first recorded on the main blockchain but rather on a private disposable blockchain.

Game channels will provide Xaya platform with the needed scalability by processing transactions and gamers interaction in real-time.

  • Ephemeral Time Stamps

Incase of a dispute between gamers, the game history is moved onto the main blockchain once the dispute-resolution protocol is triggered by either of the party. This allows the blockchain to establish the truth by combining the Merkel hash commitment scheme, fraud proofs protocol and the amortized mining incentive to resolve the dispute trustlessly.

  • Atomic Trading

Enabled on the Xaya trading platform to ensure the trustless trading of game items, currencies and account.

Therefore it is inevitable that any game being hosted on the Xaya platform will possess these shared traits automatically

  • Integrity : Via the defined and verifiable global game states, game moves cannot be forged

  • Non Stalling : There is a set window for each party to receive their subject moves. Failure can lead to dispute

  • Fraud Proofness : This ensures disputes are not resolves wrongly by allowing each party to submit a sequence of moves to verify if they have played by the rules of the game.

  • Near Real-time Interactions : Induced by hosting games on a private side chain

Full Benefits oF Using The Xaya Platform

  • True item ownership and fair acquisition
  • Human Readable Wallet Accounts And Addresses
  • 24/7 uptime
  • Fraud Proof Trading
  • Serverless game hosting
  • No third party politics
  • Open sourced community of developers and gamers
  • User controlled accounts
  • In-built asset storage and trading platform
  • Hosting different genres such as RTS/MOBA, Turn-based games, Collectible Card games and MMORPGs games.

Features of Xaya Platform

  • Low Cost of hosting games
  • Access to pre-built libraries for game development and deployment
  • Decentralized, autonomous environment
  • Human mining
  • Gaming without the use of scripts
  • Trading without the use of bots
  • Atomic trading for trustless trading of game items

Use Cases

As Game Developer's Hub

Jin has always being innovative since his childhood, once making a simulation game from a pack of scanty resources he could have access to, making him so popular among his friends whilst some encourage him to explore the gaming industry because of his love for playing games and his ingenuity.

A platform like Xaya could imbuild jin to try new things and explore more or even build and monetise his own game in the process or simply get rewarded for playing his favorite game on the platform! Its that simple with Xaya!


Xaya is capable of enforcing a new culture among gamers and game developers in the current gaming space by creating an environment that promotes and rewards talent sufficiently

Xaya low risk game development ecosystem will definitely push the boundary of new discoveries for developers and like minds.



TEP Information

image (6).png

Presale : ended with over $2.5million CHI sold.
Main Sale : Ongoing
Minimum Contribution : 1000 CHI which translates to around €130 depending on the current BTC value
Token Supply : 150 000 000 CHI

Join Main Sale Here

Team Xaya

The team is headed by the CEO and co-founder Andrew Colosimo. The long-list of Xaya team consist of Daniel Kraft (Co-founder), Konstantin Gorskov (Lead Game, Web Developer - Co-Founder), Bas de Gruiter (Business Development, Branding - Co Founder), Ryan Smyth (Copywriter and Community Management), Patrique Burgersdijk (Project Management), Ayalies Korenberg (Marketing Manager), Kyle Serbov (Community Management) and whole lot of other team members, advisors and partners.

Recent Partnership

Two games that are being lined up to be hosted on the blockchain are

  • Treat Fighters which will run entirely on the blockchain

  • Soccer Manager game modalities is being thrashed out

well, am watching out for this, lol... 😉

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