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Have you ever had to remake your tie just to bypass the long protocol and still make it look nice on you. I know few of my teachers who apply this technique just to make it easy and fast without having to tie knot or find somebody who knows how to.

Most adults are too familiar with this gung-ho procedure that gets boring because only a few among us seems to grab that skill as time wores on. But who cares about how to tie a knot when you could just hang one with some few modifications and still look nice.

This story although unrelated explains the reason why simplicity might be a fashion not only desired by those trying to look tidy but also those trying to make trades easily and still achieve the same result even at a lesser cost. Obviously, most centralised exchanges adopts the long protocol of following every process in the book before a trader can initiate trade on their exchange and this comes at a cost of the users identity, funds and consequently security.

But what if one could bypass this long protocol, maintain his privacy and still be able to trade conveniently and make some good deals at every point in time without compromising his identity, funds along with security. We could have an answer in the form of OnePageX to save us from the long protocol which is not necessary at times.


So What is OnePageX

OnePageX, as the name connotes, is a one page exchange platform to make cryptocurrency trading easily without the need of going through any rigorous complex procedure such as sign up registration or KYC.

Important Note

OnePageX is offering 0% transaction fees for the rest of 2018!

That’s right, trade without any fees! We are happy to bring this to our users so that they can give us a try!

The processes of exchanging cryptocurrencies are made simple and swift to allow all class of traders easy access to trade coins on multiple exchanges; which are integrated with their engines to compare the limit offers on each available deals and present it to the user on a single page. Other benefits that users may accrue from using OnePageX features are outlined below

Simple User-friendly Interface

This is like most unconventional exchanges and this is one of the unique features of OnePageX. Meaning that trades could be done quickly in few clicks.


A sample card view

The beauty of this is that multiple transactions can be done on that single page since all transactions are processed in the form of cards. Users can also monitor transaction status via this cards such that anytime a user generates such transactions, their web browser will add on a session and users can bookmark this page or copy the link of that transaction.

Note : Addresses generated can be used multiple times

No signups, No KYC means Privacy

Since centralised exchanges are a target for identity hackers due to the sheer amount of customers information they have at their disposal. And we know quite too well that a breach of privacy in the technological age could lead to a breakdown of security. Furthermore, intensifying the need for privacy featured exchanges just like OnePageX.

Anybody can use the OnePageX exchange to trade conveniently without having to worry about who is watching and because tokens are directly sent to your wallet after each trade activity; there is no need to worry about your security in that aspect too.

Automated price-racking Engines

According to, out of the available 290 exchanges, only the first 10 exchanges controls more than 80% of the market resources; making it hard to get a good deal on an exchange with sufficient liquidity because of the difficult point of entry for average traders coupled with the fact that most are restricted to certain region. However, having an exchange that integrates it engines with most of this top exchanges makes it easy for users to get a fair deal on their trades at every point in time without compromising their funds or identity in the process.

140+ Cryptocurrency trading options

download (2).jpeg

According to coinmarketcap, there are over 1600+ cryptocurrency within the ecosystem with different use cases. Therefore, having the ability to easily have them all in one place for trading offers more visibility to the project.

My opinion space

Since the team is planning on adding more cryptocurrency, maybe a better way to improve users experience would be to classify this coins into different use cases/categories that can be easily accessed instead of the single column view that is obtainable now. I'd expect to see some modification as times goes on anyways.

Onebox Widget For embedding OnePageX into your website

OnePageX widget is a turnkey solution for embedding OnePageX on your website. You can easily do this by copying the provided code inside the OnePageX link into your web template.

See demo here:

This source code goes into your html webpage syntax


And bam! you have this on your website


It is mobile and desktop compatible!

Graphical presentation of how to use OnePageX

  • Make a trade in 4 simple steps

Visit website


Step 1 : Pick an asset to convert to.

This is the column where you get to choose your target asset from the list of 140+ cryptocurrency

Step 2 : Enter a withdrawal address.

Enter a Valid address you wish to receive your asset

Step 3 : Click “Start Exchange”

Step 4 :A card will appear with a deposit address. Simply deposit to that address and you are done.

Note : Presently, only BTC is available for deposit. However, changes will be made as time goes on and more markets will be added including the Steem market as well.

  • Know the status of your transaction on OnePageX via cards


More cues on

  • Transaction status


  • Speed of transaction


However if after an hour, your transaction is not yet processed; Please send an email accross with your transaction details and the matter will be looked into urgently.

  • Fee Structure



OnePageX has a user-friendly interface that is great for making cryptocurrency transaction at a fair rate along with the full privacy option it offers to it users.

Use Case

  • HodL - Coin Scarcity

There are some period where almost everybody just wants to hold on to a particular coin because they believe it might still appreciate. Therefore scousing for the limited coins on a market by an interested investor can be difficult.

Using the OnePageX exchange he stands a better chance of buying into that asset because of their integrated engines which tracks coin asset availability on multiple exchanges simultinaeously. Therefore , he can join HodL bandwagon to yield huge profit on his investment.

  • ICOs

ICOs could use the OnePageX
widget to run a private coin sale program on their website which offers the guarantee of privacy some investors desire especially institutional investors.

  • E-Commerce

They could easily integrate the OnePageX widget into their website to make roAom for customers who prefer to pay for their goods and services in cryptocurrency.

Feel free to check for more details about OnePageX below

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