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Exploring the world of Digital Collectibles with CryptoPepes


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Exploring the World of Digital Collectibles

Card collection is a thing for this age and it doesnt seem like a trivial activity to many especially the pet lovers who love to keep their special fantasy object in different art form for recreational purpose or for some other reasons best known to them.

Although, it can be argued that this same special characters in their physical artform bought at a competitive cost; can suffer from damage, loss, theft or even a duplicate of the same character which on the long run defeats the purpose of owning these cards.

However, unlike the conventional card game such as baseball cards, card gaming is taking on a whole new level as collectors can get to do many activities with their unique card character. As we have seen with cryptokitties. Now we are about to witness an even better card game play in this newly-inspired collection of unique frog characters by CryptoPepes; A concept inspired by the special work of matt furie in a tribute to the rather controversial internet meme, hashtag : Pepethefrog ( #pepethefrog )

Although CryptoPepes is inspired the widely succesful digital world of cats collectibles, Cryptokitties, they come with a new improved concept to solve the challenges faced by hosting card games on blockchain whilst ensuring provable fair ownership of these digital items which can be breed, collected or engaged in a battle.

Hence, the concept of CryptoPepes is born!

What Is CryptoPepes


CryptoPepes is a full-featured, card game hosted on the ethereum blockchain. CryptoPepes defeats the age-long history of card collectible games such as beanie beans or baseball cards as it can be breed while it also possess the quality that are so visibly attractive in digital commodities like bitcoin as it is transferable and tradable.

These underlying attributes makes CryptoPepes unique and makes it more reasonable to classify Pepe as more of a digital collectibles in the form of digital frogs rather than a digital currency!

Pepe is the general name for all the unique characters

CryptoPepes Is Fun and Competitive

Imagine trying to figure out the percentage chances of breeding a certain frog or chasing a specific breeding recipe to unlock a fancy frog. All this constitute mad fun and drives the adrenaline of its competitors high.

Their unique gene algorithm ensures that all Pepes character are unique and possess their own characteristic which makes the game even more interesting.

CryptoPepes Is Your Own

As opposed to hosting on a centralised economy where characters or game items can be deleted or transferred by a game developer; CryptoPepes accrue full ownership of each unique digital characters to the gamers in a typical decentralised fashion, meaning that gamers have the final say on how they choose to use this special characters whether to sell or sire them!.

Each CryptoPepes Is Unique

Apart from the unique gene algorithm, each cryptopepe is represented in the form of the non-fungible ERC-721 tokens which allows for each entity to have its own unique attribute.

Adopting New Technologies to solve Inherent blockchain Issues

The persistent issue of scalability amidst high costs of transaction are well documented.

CryptoPepes recognise this and are on the verge of building a alternative solution. In a similar vein, adopting these technologies by other industries can solve familiar problems of deploying Apps on the blockchain and in the process drive wide blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.

Some of these technology solutions which are being adopted by CryptoPepes are :

  • PepChain

Pepchain deploys the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus to distribute resources which uses identity as stake. Just like in the words of the famous business mogul, warren buffet : " It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. Id you think about that, you'll do things differently."


A visual representation of each concept

This concept generally entails staking your identity for the right to validate block. However some conditions must be met before this concept could be implemented. Such as

  • Identity must be true
  • Eligibility for staking identity should be difficult to obtain
  • The procedure of establishing the authority needs to be the same for all validators.

This consensus ensures that the PepChain is 3 times faster than the ethereum main chain.

Similar consensus were attempted in Gochain, albeit in a centralized fashion

  • DPoS

This is concept adopted to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic way by leveraging the power of stakeholder approval voting . Delegated Proof of Stake is the fastest, most efficient and most decentralised consensus model available and only the 101most voted delegates will get to tune all network parameters including transaction sizes and fees.

However, failing to produce block a few times in a row will get them excluded from producing blocks for a short while thus incentivizing 100% uptime.

One platform adopting this technology is bitshares

  • Bridging

PepChain will also be built with a gateway to enable users communicate and use infrastructures on the main ethereum blockchain; making the PEP a token of utility on both channels.

To further reduce the transaction costs and block time challenges, State channels is a viable option which allows for sub second turns and low fees for opening and closing battles.

Highlighting the full benefits and features of CryptoPepes

  • Highly scalable and decentralized
  • Low transaction fees
  • Digitally collectible card items
  • 100% digital item ownership
  • Unique character gene algorithm
  • Items can be breed, mined or transferable
  • Custom-built wallet
  • Solo Mining

CryptoPepes blockchain Architecture Overview







The 2 relevant tokens for solo mining within the
CryptoPepes economy are

     1. CPEP tokens; those are basically 

     Generation-0 Crypto Pepes, 
     Super rare collectible game item, 
     Max mineable supply 1,000
     Every 16th block 1 CPEP is awarded to a miner.

     2. PEP tokens

     In-game currency
     Max mineable supply 40,000,000.

Note : Approximately every 8 minutes,
a miner gets rewarded 2500PEP tokens

Use Case

Hilo does like to nurture pets. Although he has being able to collect and rare some. However, the croaking noise of frogs are a specialty for him even though it is hard to rare some in his locality. He's collected cards few times to quench this feeling.

A platform like CryptoPepes will give Hilo access to a set of scarce, unique special digital frog characters for him to breed, trade or even engage in battle while ensuring they dont suffer loss,theft or damage in the case of physical card items collectibles.


Digital card collectible games are still at infancy and only practiced in a few regions around the world but recent events have exposed many challenges including production of fake cards, centralised economy taking full ownership from the rightful owners, susceptible to theft, loss or damage.

CryptoPepes are a set of digital characters which solves this underlying issues and offer more by ensuring these items are easily transferable, spent or use for recreational purpose.

Introductory Video

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